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Wild Things Editing April 6, 2016


I’m excited to announce that I’ve decided to pursue a new opportunity and am now offering editing services via Wild Things Editing.



Here is the announcement post…



Over the last couple of years I’ve found great joy in not only writing, but in connecting with other authors in the publishing community. This blog has afforded me many incredible opportunities to reach out to various writers at all stages of publication. It’s also allowed me to talk with and interview agents, as well as help co-create a contest I’m tremendously proud of.



One of the most fortunate things that has come out of all this blogging is the chance to read for others. Some have been beta reads. Others have turned into full-fledged critique partners. Having a fellow writer trust you with their work is an incredible honor and one I take VERY seriously.



In this last round of critiques for my mentees from Sun vs. Snow, something clicked inside me. It was an overwhelming sense of calm, but also a bubbling excitement. A whisper of a path I had never really considered until that moment – editing.



Thinking that maybe I was just thrilled with the work my mentees were creating, I decided to back up and give this new idea some time to percolate. As the days and weeks went by though, the idea kept poking at me. Needling me to take a leap.



So as cautious me always does, I started to do my research. I looked into various opportunities and started asking questions. I spent time considering all the options, and what I thought I could personally contribute to the writing community.



When I finally felt ready, I reached out to the lovely Kim Graff. She and her talented cohorts, Maria Ann Green, and Megan Lally agreed to let me join them in their efforts to help fellow writers hone and polish their work. So as of today, I am now offering my services over at Wild Things Editing along with these wonderful ladies. My focus will be on my true loves: Young Adult and Middle Grade, but I will also be open to helping with query packages or manuscript critiques for Women’s Fiction, as well as Contemporary Romance (New Adult).



I’m very excited to work with authors who want to embark on a collaborative endeavor to polish their manuscripts. My full bio and a menu of services/prices are available over at the Wild Things Editing website.



Preferred Categories & Genres


YA/MG Historical

YA/MG Contemporary

YA/MG Mystery

YA/MG Magical Realism

Contemporary Romance (New Adult)

Women’s Fiction





“Whether providing in-line comments, an overall assessment, or both, Amy is excellent at first pointing out what is working in the manuscript–with specific details that help you know what you shouldn’t dismantle in your revisions–before digging into areas that require attention. In particular, she’s great at pulling out character motivations, reactions, and interactions, as well as asking the questions that make you consider your plot points from all pertinent angles to ensure readers won’t be lost or frustrated. I highly recommend Amy as a reader and editor.”

– Michelle Mason, YA Contemporary author



“Amy Trueblood was ah-mazing to work with. Her feedback and editing were both insightful and inspiring. I found that it was the perfect balance of compliment and critique I needed as a writer to make my query and first chapter shine.”

– Vanessa Rodriguez, YA Fantasy author



Amy is a triple threat of intelligence, a keen eye for detail, and motivation to help make your work amazing! I trust her with my words and my novel is 100% stronger thanks to her. She never makes me feel stupid for even the most rudimentary of mistakes and I feel good after our critiques, like my book is going somewhere great. Amy is able to pinpoint a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and she nails it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If you are looking for a talented mind to help you make your manuscript sparkle and shine, there’s no better person out there to help you achieve greatness. She can do it all, from line edits to grammar errors to the overall story arc and big picture stuff. I value her experience and writing expertise and I appreciate the thoughtful nature of her insight, as well as the way that she always meets deadlines and goes the extra mile. Thank you Amy!


– Jolene Haley

YA Horror Author

Founder of Midnight Society (@Mdnight_Society)

Co-Founder of Pen and Muse (@PenandMuse)