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W.O.W. Series August 25, 2012




Rejection sucks – we all know it.


So with that in mind, I wanted to bring something to my blog that shows aspiring writers that many well-known authors had their share of form “no thank yous” and still pushed on through.  It might have not happened with their second, or even third manuscript but eventually they wrote “the one” that garnered them an agent.


From that idea the W.O.W. –  Writer Odyssey Wednesday – was born.  It began as merely an interview series, but has become so much more in a short time.  Each author’s story is a lesson in perseverance and commitment to the craft, and honestly, every time I read a new author’s journey, I am inspired to keep writing all over again.


These writers have been kind enough to share their story so far…



R.C. Lewis


Mindy McGinnis


Lydia Kang


Jill Hathaway


Lauren Kate


Precy Larkins


Elsie Chapman


Kendare Blake


Mindee Arnett


Krista Van Dolzer


Stasia Ward Kehoe


Alison Cherry


Jessica Khoury


Authoress (Creator/Author  of Miss Snark’s Next Victim blog)


Lisa and Laura Roecker


Cat Woods


MarcyKate Connolly


Gretchen McNeil


Michelle Krys


Jennifer Echols


Ashley Elston


Megan Miranda


Victoria Scott


Brandy Colbert


Miranda Kenneally


Megan Shepherd


Lindsay Cummings


Taryn Albright


Stephanie Diaz


Summer Heacock


Steven dos Santos


Leigh Ann Kopans


Jessika Fleck


Dahlia Adler


Megan Whitmer


Leslie Stella


Bethany Crandell


Andrea Hannah


Maggie Hall


Elle Cosimano


Francesca Zappia


Sara Raasch


Anne Blankman


Mary Elizabeth Summer


Juliana Brandt


Erica Cameron


Liz Fichera


A.G. Howard


Dee Romito


Lizzy Charles


Annie Cardi


Lynne Matson


Jessica Spotswood


Vivi Barnes


Cait Greer


Jessica Lawson


Julie Murphy


Kelly Loy Gilbert


Virginia Boecker


Chanel Cleeton


Tom Torre


Heidi Schulz


Rachel Harris


Adam Silvera


Cat Scully


Marieke Nijkamp


Melissa Grey


Laura Tims


AJ Pine


Jen Malone


EM Castellan


Tatum Flynn


Kate Brauning


Ava Jae


Alexis Bass


Brenda Drake


Melanie Conklin


David Arnold


Becky Wallace


Emery Lord


A.L. Sonnichsen


Sarah Guillory


Christina Lee


Veronica Bartles


Lauren Spieller


Sarah Bromley


Ronni Arno Blaisdell


N.K. Traver


Lia Riley


Kate Karyus Quinn


Jen McConnel


Renée Ahdieh


Gina Ciocca


Stephanie Garber


Stacey Lee


Sabaa Tahir


Sarah Henning


Chandler Baker


Charlie N. Holmberg


Ashley Herring Blake


Brittany Cavallaro


Jody Holford


Laurie Elizabeth Flynn


Isabel Bandeira


Jenn Bishop


Karen Fortunati


Kristy Acevedo


Robin Reul


Stephanie Elliot


Katy Upperman


Jilly Gagnon


Sara Biren


Rosalyn Eves


Lauren Karcz


Kate Watson


Kathryn Purdie


J.M.M. Nuanez 


K.C. Held 


Dave Connis


Rachel Lynn Solomon


Tracey Neithercott


Sarah Henson


McKelle George


Do you have an amazing writing journey you’d like to share?  Please drop me a line. I’d love to share your story with my readers.


2 Responses to “W.O.W. Series”

  1. These are really great.

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