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FIRST FIVE FRENZY October 21, 2012

FFF SideWords



What does an agent want to see in those first submitted pages?  Character? Voice? Pacing? 


What about your first line?  Is it enough to pull the agent in and get him or her to read more?


The First Five Frenzy is a series of agent interviews that helps aspiring writers understand what works and what flops in those first pages they submit.  With each new interview agents reveal what lines caught their attention, and how good writing draws them in and encourages them to request more. This series is a must read for any aspiring author who wants their first pages to shine in the submission process.



Bridget Smith – Dunham Literary, Inc.


Michael Carr – Veritas Literary Agency


Kate McKean – Howard Morhaim Literary Agency


Mary Kole – Movable Type Management (no longer an agent)


Amy Boggs – The Donald Maass Literary Agency


Diana Finch – Diana Finch Literary Agency


Brandi Bowles – Foundry Literary + Media


Alyssa Eisner Henkin – Trident Media Group


Elizabeth Kracht – Kimberley Cameron and Associates


Laurie McLean (formely of Larsen Pomada) now with Fuse Literary


Stephen Fraser – Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency


Sarah LaPolla – (formerly with Curtis Brown, Ltd., now at Bradford Literary Agency)


Kathleen Rushall – Marsal Lyon Literary Agency    (now with Andrea Brown Literary)


Jessica Sinsheimer – Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency


Tricia Lawrence – Erin Murphy Literary Agency


Annie Bomke – Annie Bomke Literary Agency


Carlie Webber – CK Webber Associates


Michelle L. Johnson – Inklings Literary Agency


Andrea Somberg – Harvey Klinger, Inc.


Melissa Jeglinski – The Knight Agency


Molly Jaffa – Folio Literary Management


Mollie Glick – Foundry Literary + Media (now with CAA)


Amy Tipton – Signature Literary Agency


Jennifer Skutelsky – Veritas Literary Agency (no longer an agent)


Pete Knapp – Park Literary Group


Mackenzie Brady – Charlotte Sheedy Literary (now with New Leaf Literary)


Roseanne Wells – Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency


Marietta Zacker – Nancy Gallt Literary Agency


Nicole Resciniti – The Seymour Agency


Adriann Ranta – Wolf Literary Services (Now with Foundry Media)


Pooja Menon – Kimberley Cameron and Associates


Taylor Haggerty – Waxman Leavell Literary Agency


Courtney Miller-Callihan – Greenburger Associates


Lara Perkins – Andrea Brown Literary Agency


Beth Phelan – The Bent Agency


Katie Shea Boutillier – Donald Maass Literary Agency


Sara Megibow – Nelson Literary Agency (with KT Literary now)


Dr. Uwe Stender – TriadaUS Literary Agency


Pam van Hylckama Vlieg – Formally with Foreword now at D4EO Literary


Lana Popovic – ZSH Literary (now with Chalberg Susssman)


Carrie Howland – Donadio & Olson


Elizabeth Harding – Curtis Brown LTD


Rebecca Strauss – Defiore and Co.


Maria Vicente – P.S. Literary


Sarah Negovetich – Corvisiero Literary Agency


Michelle Richter – Fuse Literary


Cate Hart – Corvisiero Literary Agency


Amanda Panitch – Lippincott Massie McQuilken (no longer an agent)


Heather Alexander – Pippin Properties


Patricia Nelson – Marsal Lyon Literary Agency


Jessica Watterson-Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency


Thao Le – Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency


Kaylee Davis – Dee Mura Literary


Kirsten Carleton – Waxman Leavell Literary

(Now with Prospect Agency)


Rebecca Podos – Rees Literary Agency


Whitley Abell – Inklings Literary


Shannon Hassan – Marsal Lyon Literary


Brent Taylor – Triada US, Inc.


Eric Smith – P.S. Literary


Alex Barba – Inklings Literary Agency


Noah Ballard – Curtis Brown, Ltd.


Saba Sulaiman – Talcott Notch Literary Services


Jennifer Johnson-Blalock – Liza Dawson Associates


Melissa L. Edwards – The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency (now with Stonesong Literary)


Caitie Flum – Liza Dawson Associates


Shannon Powers – McIntosh and Otis


Stephanie Fretwell-Hill – Red Fox Literary


Latoya Smith – L. Perkins Agency


Tracy Marchini – BookEnds Literary


Kelly Van Sant – D4EO Literary


Amy Elizabeth Bishop – Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret


Hannah Fergesen – KT Literary 


Hillary Jacobson – ICM Partners


Kari Sutherland – Bradford Literary Agency



20 Responses to “FIRST FIVE FRENZY”

  1. […] your book’s opening is overused is to religiously read contest-veteran Amy Trueblood’s First Five Frenzy interview series. She asks agents what they’re looking for in the first five pages of a […]

  2. Jonathan Peto Says:

    I’ve been reading through these while revising for PitchWars. Haven’t read them all but may! Thanks for a great resource.

  3. […] First Five Pages; What Agents Look For — This is a series of interviews with literary agents. Each interview covers what the agent looks for in those first 5 pages or so that accompany the query letter. Pace, tone, first sentence, characterization, and voice—get ready for a lot of insight into an agent’s mind! (pssst—my agent answered this question somewhere in there!) […]

  4. J.S. Roberts Says:

    I’m compiling a list of websites with agent interviews for a blog post to be published at the end of the month. Would you mind if I add a link to this page?

  5. […] The Call” and Book Deal offers: Michelle Hauck’s blog, Michelle For Laughs, Amy Trueblood’s Chasing The Crazies and Dee Romito’s I Write For […]

  6. sybilwlam Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Amazing resource!!

  7. […] First Five Frenzy – the focus of this series of interviews is making sure the beginning of your book is perfect. […]

  8. […] First Five Frenzy – the focus of this series of interviews is making sure the beginning of your book is perfect. […]

  9. Will this contest be redone in 2014?

  10. Shanah Davis Says:

    Great information! Will be referencing it in future. Thanks!

  11. these responses have been very enlightening. especially concerning the opening sentence and what some agents expect. seems obvious, but not really!

  12. Oh, can’t wait to read. Great post!

  13. Very excited to read these and gain some more perspective.

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