Chasing my crazy dream in the writing world…







One of the greatest pleasures about writing this blog is the feedback I get from readers. It’s awesome to hear that the content shared helped a writer on their journey in some small way.



About a year ago, I was developing a query for a new book and an idea hit me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have writer friends share the successful queries that connected them with their agents? Those queries would not only help writers with format and delivery, but inspire them to push forward with their own publishing dream.



With a few emails, and some very generous writers, QUITE THE QUERY was born! As of today, there are 42 queries in the series spanning from Picture Books all the way to Adult. In and amongst them are even two New York Times Bestsellers!



My goal with this series is simple. Offer a resource for writers so the struggle to create their own query won’t be such a rough process.  My hope in 2017 is to double the number of queries currently posted. I can only accomplish that dream by spreading the word about this series, so readers, I’m asking for your help. If you know of a writer who has an amazing query, will you tell them about this series? Writers can reach me via this blog or @ me on Twitter.



I’m looking for all genres in Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade and Picture Books. I also have one graphic novel in the series and would love to add more.



My goal with this blog has always been to help writers. I hope that by adding to QUITE THE QUERY, many writers will find inspiration and write a successful query of their own!



Thanks for helping me spread the word and have a great weekend!