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SvS 2: Loving Laney – Adult Contemporary Romance February 8, 2017

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Category/Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Word Count: 70,000



Is your main character hot or cold?



Laney Wilson would be described as cold. After being abandoned by her mother and breaking up with the love of her life, Laney has learned to keep her emotions bottled up and her heart protected. The relaxed persona she presents on the outside is frustrating to close family and friends who often perceive her as detached. As a teacher, Laney is patient and kind while instructing her students. Her calm personality helps her when dealing with stressful situations. She tends to show more emotion with her students because her classroom is her safe haven.







Dear Agent,



Avoiding your ex-boyfriend in a big city should be easy—unless he’s the star quarterback of the professional football team and wants a second chance.



Falling for Luke Claiborne in college wasn’t in Laney Wilson’s plan, but it happened. And it ended…badly. She walked away heartbroken and vowed never to come second to a man’s career again. Years later, she’s focused on being a dedicated teacher and making a difference in her students’ lives, leaving little room for romantic relationships. So when Luke’s children’s foundation partners with Laney’s school, she’s determined to resist his sexy Texan drawl and intoxicating smile.



Quarterback Luke Claiborne has enjoyed a successful NFL career, but regardless of all he’s accomplished on the field, he feels a sense of loneliness. Now, after recovering from a serious knee injury and a recent divorce, Luke’s looking for a fresh start in Philadelphia: home of passionate fans, the Liberty Bell, and Laney Wilson. Convinced Laney’s the love of his life, he’s determined to prove to her that they’re worth a second chance.



Regardless of how hard she tries to fight her feelings for him, it doesn’t take long for Laney to realize that Luke is still the only person who can knock down the walls around her heart. When she receives devastating family news, she can’t help but turn to the only man she’s ever loved for comfort. But then Luke’s past resurfaces, putting their rekindled romance to the ultimate test. Now, Luke and Laney must decide whether to risk their hearts and fight for each other, or lose their second chance at happily ever after.




First 250 words:



“Welcome to the Mike Marino show on 99.9. Philly fans, we’ve been talking about big moves made this season by Coach Kelly and the Independence staff. The move getting the most buzz is the signing of former LA Hawks quarterback Luke Claiborne. Opinions, Philly?”



Laney Wilson grimaced as she tightened her grip on the steering wheel. Every time she heard his name, she felt like she was suffocating. And she’d been hearing it a lot.



She slammed the OFF button on her radio as she pulled into Hope Academy’s parking lot. Stepping out of the car, she immediately started to sweat, causing her curly hair to crimp. There wasn’t enough anti-frizz serum in the city to fight this humidity.



“Hey girl, you ready for this meeting?”



Grinning, Laney turned toward the voice of her favorite co-worker, Taryn DeLuca. “I guess.” She sighed. “I can’t stand these beginning of the school year meetings.”



Taryn held the door open for her. “Ditto.”



Laney walked into the school, breathing in the smell of new crayons and disinfectant. “What’s on the agenda?”



“We’re talking about a new foundation the school wants to partner with — The Claiborne Foundation.”



Laney whipped around to look at her friend. Just as suddenly, her body slammed into a rock-hard chest. Two strong, familiar hands grasped her shoulders, steadying her. She closed her eyes, taking deep, cleansing breaths , trying to fight the wave of nostalgia washing over her. His woodsy scent consumed her, making it difficult to think straight.





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