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SVS 16: The World I Woke Up To – YA Apocalyptic Thriller February 8, 2017

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Title: The World I Woke Up To

Category/Genre: YA Apocalyptic Thriller

Word Count: 64,000



Is your main character hot or cold?


Hot. Kaylee is headstrong, short on patience, takes no crap, and is passionate about helping animals. Despite her short temper, she doesn’t completely lose her cool under fire, whether it’s taking literal fire in a shootout with a meth-cooking dog-fighting ring, facing down the not-quite-undead, or lost in the clouds in a plane she has only the faintest idea how to fly.






Dear Sun Versus Snow,


Saving one dog won’t save the world. It’s too late for that.


Seventeen-year-old Kaylee Crawford always preferred the company of animals to people – even before people were trying to chew her face off. On a chilly fall morning in the Tidewater area of Virginia, Kaylee is volunteering at the local Humane Society shelter when she meets Beast, a big black dog with sad eyes and an even sadder fate. Kaylee feels for him. She knows his chances of ever leaving the shelter alive are not good.


Beast knows something Kaylee doesn’t, though. He knows something is terribly wrong with his former owner. He knows that today, her chances of leaving there alive aren’t any better.


When the man comes crashing through the shelter window, Kaylee barely survives the violent attack, owing her life to Beast. Shaken, she rushes home with her new four-legged friend, only to learn her attack was not an isolated event.


Up and down the Eastern Seaboard, something is turning people into monsters: strong, hard to kill, and hungry for human flesh. As the outbreak spreads and civilization collapses around them, Kaylee, her younger brother Kyle, and their canine companion must survive the chaos and find safe harbor. Rumors of a self-sustaining sanctuary in Kentucky offer the possibility of safety, but getting there means escaping the carnage of the coast and crossing hundreds of miles of hostile territory.  Sarcastic, profane, and resourceful, Kaylee is nonetheless in way over her head. Death wears many faces now, and the Infected aren’t the only danger they’ll face. Kaylee is left to wonder: is any place truly safe in this nightmarish new world?


THE WORLD I WOKE UP TO, a YA thriller with series potential, will appeal to fans of Amanda Hocking’s HOLLOWS series.




First 250 words: 



Chapter One


We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet; and amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog has made an alliance with us.”

― Max DePree



Day 1, 10:34 AM


Kaylee Crawford believed in love at first sight, for she had experienced it many times. Never for a boy, though. Nor was she particularly attracted to girls. No, the loves of her life always had four legs and wagging tails.


Kaylee was a volunteer at the Portsmouth Humane Society, and today she was going to meet a dog that would forever change her life. Today would be the last time Kaylee would ever set foot in this building.


The seventeen-year-old pulled into the parking lot of the shelter, shivering a little as she stepped out of her car into the brisk fall air. Seasonal change came to the Tidewater area of Virginia with all the grace and subtlety of a plane crash. A week ago temps had still been in the eighties.


She breezed through the double doors of the main entrance of the building and waved “hi” to Ashley, the front desk receptionist, before heading towards the kennels at the back of the building.


As she walked down the hallway, however, something stopped her dead in her tracks. Out of the corner of her eye, through the window of one of the intersection rooms, a massive black shadow rustled.



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  1. This is entry sizzles! I’d love to read more. Please send your query, synopsis and first 50 pages to me via my online submission form at:
    Please enter #SunvsSnow as the query contest name.

    Looking forward to reading.


    Lisa Abellera
    Kimberley Cameron & Associates

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