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SvS 15: Soul Catchers – YA Paranormal February 8, 2017

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Category/Genre: YA Paranormal

Word Count: 80,000



Is your main character hot or cold?


I’d like to say I’m cool under pressure, but with the way things have been going lately, that would be a lie. I work hard to keep my magic under control. To blend in. I’m normally a calm person, but now I’ve got a murderous wolf spirit trying to take over my mind. And every time it sneaks into my thoughts, I get hot-headed and go off on people. It’s hard to tell who’s angrier about all this mess—me or the wolf inside me.






Little Red Riding Hood gets caught in a government-experiment-gone-wrong when she’s cursed by a murderous wolf spirit.


Magic is against the law in the United States, making sixteen-year-old Rowan Lewis’s mere existence a crime. She’s been forced to keep her powers hidden her entire life, or face death at the hands of the government. But when she uses telekinesis to kill a wolf that’s attacking her mom, her abilities are exposed and the wolf’s evil spirit possesses her. On the run from the government and unable to control the beast’s murderous nightly rampages, she flees the city in search of a cure for her curse.


Liam Stevens has one job: to keep the wolf contained. When it escapes and Rowan shows up in the Oregon forest, possessed by its spirit, he makes it his mission to save her from the curse. He recognizes her untapped ability to see and touch souls, and is certain she can tame the beast inside her. Liam must help Rowan master her magic before the wolf spirit overpowers her, consuming her human soul and turning her into a murderous monster permanently.



First 250 words:





I’m not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. He happens to be a friend of mine. Well, the human he turns into during the day is my friend. I’m still working on the Wolf. It would help our friendship if I didn’t have to keep him chained to a tree in the middle of the Oregon forest all night long. But seeing as how he’d probably try to eat me if I didn’t, I’ll just have to work with what I’ve got.


“I’m not sure how much more of this I can take, Liam.” Todd sinks to the ground as I lock the shackle around his neck. The collar is so big, he could slip it right over his head, but once he turns into the Wolf it’ll fit just right.


“There has to be another way.” Dry leaves crunch beneath him as he settles cross-legged into the dirt and drops his head into his hands. The sun sinks deeper behind the mountain, sending a chill creeping through the air. Goose bumps pop up all over my body, but Todd doesn’t even react to the cold. He doesn’t react to much of anything lately.


I zip my jacket and shove my hands in my pockets. “It’ll be all right. We’ll figure something out soon.” I take a deep breath and fill my senses with the woodsy aromas of pine and fir and earth. It’s peaceful out here in the forest. Quiet. It won’t be for long.




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  1. I feel my temperature rising! Please send your query, first 50 pages, and synopsis in the email body to whitley[at]inklingsliterary[dot]com. Thanks!

  2. That made me sweat! Please send your query, synopsis and first 50 pages to

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