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SvS 1: Broken Promises: The Last Gift – Adult Contemporary Romance February 8, 2017

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Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Word Count:  88,000




Is your main character hot or cold?



I’m numb. Somewhere between hot and cold — emotional limbo, so to speak. Heartache will do that to a girl. In the past, people would’ve described me as cold. I called it guarded. If I kept everyone at a distance, my heart was safe. That was before him. He melted my frozen heart, made me feel whole again. But now he’s gone, making me wish I had died, too.







Dear Sun Vs. Snow Agents,


Isabelle learned at a young age that life has a way of making people break promises they intended to keep. Her life is a series of numbers marking those broken promises. Five: how old she was when both her parents died. Nineteen: how many years she pushed people away — until she met Sam. Six:  how many months she had been his wife. Four: how many weeks it’s been since she buried him.


The only thing worse than waking up next to her dead husband was finding the letter he left behind. He’d known he was dying and his last request was that she go on the cruise he had planned for them and spread his ashes.


This trip was supposed to be about saying goodbye to Sam, but fate had a different plan. She had no idea that when Ian sat down next to her he’d change the course of this trip…and her life.


Isabelle tries to ignore her feelings, but several chance encounters with this kind Irish stranger, and a couple of lifelike dreams that seemingly deliver Sam’s blessing, drive her straight into Ian’s arms.


If she can’t overcome the guilt of moving on, and the fear that it’s all happening too soon, the second chance life has laid at her feet may just slip through her fingers, sending her back to a life of isolation.




First 250 words: 




Brave. Courageous. Strong. These words make me ill. People mean well, using them to describe me, but I hate it. I pretend I’m all those things, but I’m not. They say I’m brave, but they can’t feel me shake when someone mentions Sam’s name. They say I’m courageous, but they don’t see me hiding under the covers at night. They say I’m strong, but they don’t hear me cry myself to sleep. In what seems like nanoseconds, my life has gone from glorious Technicolor to gray. I’m drowning in despair and loneliness and there are moments, brief ones, that I just want to slip under their waves and let them consume me.



My flight leaves in five hours and despite the fact that sleep these days is all but unheard of, I only just started packing an hour ago. Sadness weighs heavy on my heart as I reach for the dress he bought me for this trip. The memory of the night he gave it to me paralyzes me and I freeze. Thoughts of Sam’s memorial service play over and over in my mind like a bad movie I can’t turn off. If I didn’t know better I’d think that the Grim Reaper had targets on the backs of everyone I love. I thought losing my parents so young had hardened my heart to loss, but I was wrong. Sam found the key to my heart and once it was opened up to love again, that gave pain easy access.



3 Responses to “SvS 1: Broken Promises: The Last Gift – Adult Contemporary Romance”

  1. lindsaymealing Says:

    I’d love to read more! Please send your query, plus the first 50 pages attached as a word document to Be sure to include #SunvsSnow in the subject.


  2. Too hot to handle. Could you please send the query along with the first 50 pages and a synopsis attached as a Word doc to queryjennifer[at]lizadawson[dot]com?

    Jennifer Johnson-Blalock

  3. Nicole Payne Says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m being burned alive! Please send query, synopsis, chapter summaries and first 3 chapters to nicole [at] goldenwheatliterary [dot] com.


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