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Giving Thanks for “small wins” in a Difficult Season November 23, 2016

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I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of sworn off the internet. Every time I log onto Twitter or Facebook, I can actually feel my blood pressure rising. Unless I’ve been promoting my posts, or answering DMs, I’ve managed to stay off social media. I have to admit it’s been nice to be out of the fray for a while. It’s allowed me to write 20,000 words and plan an entire new series. The time away has allowed me to find the joy in writing again.



This quiet reflection has also brought to light one other thing in my life-the resurgence of the love of family and the small blessings that come with being present in the moment. Too often over the last year I’ve been so focused on the “end game” in publishing that I’ve forgotten about the small joys. A quiet dinner with my family. A bike ride on a sunny, seventy-degree day. The smell of baking pumpkin bread. The comforting hug of a child.  All things that only months ago I took for granted in my quest to reach my dream.



My break has also afforded me the chance to reflect on all the “wins” I’ve had this year:


Writing a book in a new category, genre, and POV!


Helping create a local YA/MG writing group that’s built many new friendships and is growing by the month


Being a PitchWars mentor and watching a writer flourish


Having this blog go over 5,000 followers (THANK YOU!) and introducing a new query series that seems to be helping writers



In a long year these may not seem like major accomplishments, but for me it’s meant learning and growing. Taking stock of what I put into this world and its effect on others. It may only be a small contribution, but to me it feels HUGE.



So this holiday season, I ask that you think not about what you haven’t accomplished this year, rather focus on your small victories. The moments that have brought you joy and laughter. The times that have made you think. Reflect. Smile.



It’s true, it has been a rough year, but perhaps we can all make it a little less dark by remembering who we are and what we love. What fills us up and makes us work for that dream.



If you’re so inclined, I’d love you to share in the comments one small victory from this year. Whether it be in writing, or your publishing journey, I hope you’ll share a little light today and allow others to rejoice in your small “wins.”









Happy Thanksgiving!










6 Responses to “Giving Thanks for “small wins” in a Difficult Season”

  1. I’m thankful I’ve been able to keep up my reading (and maybe even read a little more) while busy with too many projects. Plus, I’m thankful for exceeding a personal exercise goal, which has helped me in the mental health area.

  2. I’m thankful this year to have been fortunate enough to have my most recent novel chosen for the agent round in two contests. While handling rejection is still a challenge, I still have agent requests under consideration and am still actively querying. I feel like I’ve taken some big strides this year and am getting closer in many ways to breaking through.

  3. Congrats on your wins, Amy and everyone else! My first is signing with an agent this spring. Also, writing went VERY slowly in 2016 due to a chronic, time-consuming health issue in my family, but by the end of the year, I believe I’ll have my WIP CP-ready!

  4. Michelle Hauck Says:

    I successfully wrote a sequel and got to see it sprung out on the world. 🙂

  5. rachaeldahl Says:

    I was diagnosed with plantar fascia, which isn’t anything major, but it makes running hard and I’m running a half marathon in two weeks. I count that a win.

  6. Tom Navratil Says:

    Thank you for this wise and timely post. On the writing front, for me this has been a year of incremental progress, revising and polishing two novels and several short stories. And waiting waiting waiting for responses to queries and submissions. I feel I’m gathering steam for my next major literary project, either a thorough overhaul and restructuring of the manuscript that generated a dozen full requests but no offers, or an entirely new story. Meanwhile, I too remind myself to appreciate and enjoy life beyond the page.

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