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Monday Musings: A Cool New Project May 23, 2016

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One of the smartest things I did as a newly-minted writer was become part of the vibrant community at AgentQuery Connect. The site not only offers a chance to share and get feedback on your queries, but allows you to connect with like-minded writers in every category and genre.



Over time I’ve made friends with some talented writers over at AQC, some of who were kind enough to read my early work and give it a publishing shot. One of these incredible human beings is Matt Sinclair, founder of Elephant’s Bookshelf Press (EBP).



Matt and his team were kind enough to look at one of my earliest short stories and give it a place in The Fall: Tales From The Apocalypse. A little while later, another one of my stories became part of EBP’s fourth anthology, Summer’s Double Edge.
















Matt and his team took a chance on me. Taught me how to hone my story so it was worthy to stand next to tales from the likes of Edgar award-winning writer, Mindy McGinnis, amazing Middle Grade author, MarcyKate Connolly, as well as Young Adult writer, R.C. Lewis.



Looking back on that experience, I realize what an incredible opportunity Matt and his team gave me. Now I’m thrilled to finally get a chance to pay that generosity forward by becoming the copy editor for EBP’s newest Urban Fantasy anthology.



The submission window for this great anthology is currently open. Stories can be up to 5,000 words long. No erotica. Stories cannot have been published previously on any other public site or platform. Deadline for all submissions is July 11.



There is no payment for your story, but published authors will receive a paperback edition of the completed anthology. Currently EBP is aiming for publication in late September, though it might end up being October.



If you love to write Urban Fantasy, or have always wanted to give it a shot, send your submissions to:



I highly encourage you to submit to EBP. Hopefully your experience will be as amazing as mine!














One Response to “Monday Musings: A Cool New Project”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Amy! I’ve been wanting a little boost for a totally new story lately, and this is the perfect one! I love urban fantasy. I love anthologies. I love that you shared. Congrats on your involvement in the other two and your copy editing position with this one! I’m excited to submit.

    Ashley R. Carlson

    P.S. Those cupcakes at the meeting…. I died. Like I devoured that red velvet one in the parking lot like some sort of Gollum creature. It was pretty attractive.

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