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QUITE THE QUERY – Wendy Qualls and WORTH WAITING FOR April 29, 2016








If you ask any writer about the process of connecting with their agent (or publisher), the majority will say the most difficult part was querying. Not only the actual process of sending out the letters/emails, but formulating the query itself. In fact, I’ve heard more than a few authors say writing their query took them almost as long as drafting their book!



Some people have the talent of being able to summarize their book in a few sentences, but for those who don’t, I wanted to provide a resource so writers could learn what works, and what doesn’t, in a query.



With that in mind, I’m pleased to share today’s successful query from Wendy Qualls. This great query connected her with her agent, Moe Ferrara.





As long as Paul Dunham stays in the closet, he’s golden: he’s nearly made tenure at his small conservative college, he’s finally gotten away from his controlling ex-boyfriend, and he can focus on just trying to make the best of his lonely bachelor-geek lifestyle.



Then a chance reunion with the gorgeous Brandon Mercer turns into a surprisingly hot more-than-one-night-stand, and things all go to hell. Paul discovers his ex has been stalking him and now has photographic proof that Paul and Brandon have become more than friends – proof he’s threatening to use to out Paul to his conservative family and his homophobic boss. Brandon’s offer to “show him what he’s been missing” also seems to have turned into something distinctly relationship-like, which Paul can’t afford to even dream about.  When Paul’s ex finally follows through with his threat, Brandon is the only defense Paul has against his life falling completely apart. Fortunately, Brandon seems to be willing to stick around for the long haul and – with luck – to help make their own happily ever after.



WORTH WAITING FOR stands alone as a single title, but can also be the first book in my planned “Gay and Geeky” series of similarly-themed romances. I am a member of RWA and this book finaled in [an RWA chapter contest]. I can be reached at [email, Twitter, and phone].




Fun Tidbit:



This took three months and a revision between my initial query and “the call.” Which I was super-excited about, except it turned out “the call” was actually “I really like this but can you revise it a bit more to make Brandon more alpha-male heroic?” I did the revisions, sent the new version to Moe and the handful of other agents who had fulls out, and got an offer from another agent about two days later 🙂 After phone calls with both the other agent and Moe, I agonized over it for a day or so and ultimately decided Moe and I would be a better fit. I officially accepted the offer on my birthday, October 11th. Best birthday present ever 😀





WendyQuallsWendy Qualls was a small­town librarian until she finished reading everything her library had to offer, at which point she put her totally unrelated college degree to use by writing smutty romance novels and wasting time on the internet. She lives in Northern Alabama with her husband, two girls, one dog, and a seasonally fluctuating swarm of unwanted ladybugs. Wendy is represented by Moe Ferrara at BookEnds Literary Agency and can be found on Twitter as @wendyqualls. Her first book will be available from Kensington in the summer of 2017.




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  1. Karen Mahara Says:

    Awww! Great story!

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