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SvS 5: Black Butterfly – YA Thriller February 22, 2016

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Category/Genre: YA Thriller

Word Count: 66,000




My Main Character would use sun or snow to battle their biggest obstacle:


As a government trained spy, Black Butterfly could kick anyone’s ass no matter what the weather is like. However, given the choice, she would pick snow. She’s not particularly fond of the hot weather, and a well-placed snowball could easily incapacitate her enemy.







Eighteen-year-old Black Butterfly wakes up on the Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel with only a snatch of nightmarish memories and an unsettling repertoire of violent talents. She must come to grips with her role in a series of terrorist attacks and discover her connection to a shadowy government agency before they destroy the new life she is trying to build.



Hours after the attacks, off-gridders from upstate New York find Black Butterfly and mend her wounds. She joins them as they travel on foot to a rally in Washington, D.C., and they begin to feel like the family she can’t remember—or never had. Bursts of memories begin to surface, offering insight into her dark past. Luke, a teen spy, attacks her at a rest stop and confirms her worst suspicions: Black Butterfly is a government spy and has put her new friends’ lives at risk simply by being associated with them.



Leaving them behind, she heads to the agency’s headquarters to save her friends, no matter what the cost. Faced with a choice of starting over or obeying the agency’s strict training, unreliable narrator Black Butterfly will keep the reader guessing if she’s on the side of righteousness or evil.



Complete at 66,000 words, BLACK BUTTERFLY is a YA thriller that will appeal to fans of SEKRET and TABULA RASA.




First 250 words:



I must complete this mission—the necessity born of strict training, ingrained in my brain and body. Nothing else matters. Not the smoke stinging my eyes, or the coughs shaking my body, or the sharp pounding from a blow to the head, by what I don’t know. It’s chaos, pure madness.



Certainly it doesn’t matter that my guilty conscience over the destruction of the greatest city in the world, a demise I helped orchestrate, kicks in. The head wound has knocked all my training instincts out of me. I shake my head to try and lodge them back in. I push down the guilt, tucking it deep in my gut, and recite the Agency’s motto in my head.



I am a soldier.

I serve the Agency.

It is my purpose.



Through the smoke, I watch Zhang leap over debris and dodge falling objects with more grace than I would expect of a skinny 5’5” diplomat who has probably never seen the inside of a gym. His briefcase waggles up and down as he navigates the terrain.



My lungs scream for fresh air, yet I stand and follow him. I should have no trouble keeping pace; I’m a highly trained soldier in the peak of physical shape. A sharp pain shoots through my skull. My legs nearly give out, but I stay upright and scan the devastation to find that Zhang has increased his distance on me.



Catching up with him is my only option.



Failure doesn’t exist, because then I won’t exist.



2 Responses to “SvS 5: Black Butterfly – YA Thriller”

  1. Cate Hart Says:

    This is on fire. Can you please send the Full to query(at)corvisieroagency(dot)com and include ATTN:Cate and Sun vs. Snow in the subject line.

  2. Roseanne Wells Says:

    So hot, hot damn! I love a good unreliable narrator. 50 pages for Team Sun!

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