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SvS 3: The Eternal Waitress – New Adult Contemporary Romance February 22, 2016

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Category/Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Word Count: 69,000




My Main Character would use sun or snow to battle their biggest obstacle:



My biggest obstacle? Secrets. I feel like everyone around me has them tucked away in the shadows. I’d take hold of that sun by its flaming rays and shine it into the crevices of their veiled souls. After that I’d blast the shit out of the heavy snow that blankets my hometown. No need for all that white fluff; it’s just another concealer. We all know my town isn’t as pristine as the snowfall makes it seem.







After depleting her savings on a grand tour of Europe, Ashley dreads returning to wait tables at her hometown diner. The place crawls with ex-boyfriends, creepy customers, and phony friends. Not to mention the inescapable drama of small-town living. But the assurance of quick cash and a free place to stay with her best friend lures her back.



If that isn’t enough to keep her around, Ashley’s new living arrangements put her in close quarters with Kenny, her friend’s adorably irritating younger brother. Kenny’s loyal heart and charismatic personality offer solace to her wandering spirit.



Just as Ashley’s resigned herself to her small-town fate, a hot businessman drops in for breakfast and leaves with her number. He represents everything she’s always dreamed of – success, independence and escape. Though she loves the idea of skipping town with him, she can’t deny her growing attraction to Kenny who’s making small-town living look more and more appealing.



But it’s hard to find a fresh start in a place that harbors all the mistakes of your past. Ashley is forced to decide whether following her dreams means leaving town, or rediscovering what’s been right in front of her all along.




First 250 words:



New England weather. What a bitch.



I hunched behind the steering wheel of my rust-trimmed Honda. Snowflakes tumbled down around the car in their unique perfection. Once upon a time, I would have been enchanted by their glitter storm, captivated by the iridescent clouds that burst from the rooftops. But instead, I was resentful. The majestic journey of the tiny white flakes only ended in tragedy. They were destined to crash against my crusty windshield. To melt back into the mundane. Back into dirty water.



Oh God, my Pisces was out in full force this morning.



My hands gripped the wheel at ten and two even with the car in park. The leather felt slick beneath my palms, but I couldn’t work up the gumption to cut the engine. Once I got out, everyone would see me and I’d be committed. How many times had I promised I’d never go back to waiting tables?



My phone vibrated against my leg. Of course it was Hannah. I had to thank the stars for a friend who always knew when to pluck me from the gutter.



I slid a finger across the display and held the phone to my ear. “Hey.”



“Wake up. You gotta go to work.” Hannah’s voice sounded like it was being scrubbed down with steel wool.



“Thanks, but you’re an hour late,” I said, laughing.  “I have to be in now.”


“Shit!” Her voice cleared. “Sorry, Ashley. I thought you said you had to be up at eight. They won’t fire you on your first day though, right?



2 Responses to “SvS 3: The Eternal Waitress – New Adult Contemporary Romance”

  1. I see the light! (and feel the warmth). I would love to take a look at the full manuscript. Please feel free to send it along to as a word attachment. Please put the query in the email and Sun vs Snow in the subject line. Thanks!

  2. My hands might be all oily from sunscreen, but I’m not going to let this one slip through my fingers. I’d love to see the first five chapters (as a .doc), along with a query and short synopsis. The pool party is happening at submissions(at)jaw-litagent(dot)com. See you there. 😉

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