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SvS 15: The Magical Raintree Daughters – MG Fantasy February 22, 2016

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Category/Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Word Count: 49,000




My Main Character would use sun or snow to battle their biggest obstacle: 



Cassiopeia Raintree is a climber, so a fierce, sunny day would allow Cassie to be at her best: hands, feet, climbing, climbing. With the sun shining over the Gloomy Forest, she would have a shred of a chance to steal away from the Bone Queen and at last, be on her way toward home.








Dear Agents:



By the tender age of eight, Cassiopeia Raintree is fully aware of how magical children like her were once enslaved by the nasty, monstrous Aramynes. But with a gift like Cassie’s, she’s not too worried about ancient stories. As a girl who can climb anything fearlessly in seconds, she’ll climb away if anyone ever tries to capture her.



But the Aramynes aren’t dusty fairy tales, and at last they’ve found a way through The Fabric, the protective covering that used to keep the magical children in their place. Without the Village children, the Aramynes have reverted back to their monster selves, and Cassie is the first child they kidnap to bring back their collective beauty.



Far from home, Cassie will face the evil Bone Queen, the Gloomy Forest, and fearsome Alpha Bears as she fights to save the Village children. With the help of a loyal, lovesick gargoyle, Cassie must repair The Fabric and travel home before she’s trapped forever in the monsters’ ugly world.



MAGICAL RAINTREE DAUGHTERS: THE SAPPHIRE CLIMBER is a stand-alone MG novel, with series potential, complete at 49,000 words. At the beginning of each chapter, a story-within-a-story is told with historic remnants: letters, diary entries, criminal records, and nursery rhymes.





First 250 words:




The first time the monsters came for us was in the evening, on the Friday before Christmas. I was sitting on my perch on the tall bookshelf in the hall, when the front door handle rattled.



“Did you hear that?” Daddy asked.



“I didn’t hear anything, Daddy,” my older sister, Penhally, said. Pen was flying lazily around the room. Her arms, which also served as wings, fluttered out to the side. She was graceful, but those arm-wings were built like steel. When Pen got mad, she could hand out the wing punches. Ouch.



Happily for me, if Penhally got to be too much, I could just climb. There’s nothing I can’t go up. Ice, fire, rock, wood—if it’s vertical, I am climbing up. I don’t even know I’m doing it sometimes.



The front door handle rattled again. Pen flew up to my perch and alighted next to me. And then with a burst of hot air, the door flew open.



Standing on our front porch was the most evil of creatures, a smoak. The crocodile-skinned monster with crooked eyes shivered, a trail of smoke pouring from his nostrils. Snaggly teeth poked out from a quivering, drooling mouth.



“H-h-h-hello there,” Daddy said to the smoak. Penhally’s wings were folded underneath her, her eyes wide with fear.



“You can sth-kip the formalitieth,” the smoak lisped. A curl of fire skipped out of his mouth, causing Daddy to jump back. “You know why I’m here.”



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