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SvS 12: Riddle of the Timekeeper – YA Urban Fantasy February 22, 2016

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Category/Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 98,000




My Main Character would use sun or snow to battle their biggest obstacle: 



Emerald Kipp is not a good witch. She’s barely a passable human. When she’s not picking pockets or avoiding the police, she’s busy trying to learn to harness her time bending powers. Except, she’s not very good at that either—yet. If she could harness the power of the sun, she could reset the clock to solve the magical riddle that’s keeping her aunt hostage and threatening to erase her and everyone she knows from existence. Not to mention, running from the cops in a NYC ice storm sucks.







Reeking of cigarettes and sneaking into her window after last night’s Smiths concert, Emerald Kipp rewinds time like a VHS tape, making the sun dip backwards in the sky. The sixteen-year-old witch can’t decide if she’s still hung-over or if she really did reverse time. Coming from a lineage of Caribbean and South American witches, Emerald has always known she was magical, but she soon discovers she’s also a Timeteller—a class of time-bending witches so powerful, they were hunted to near-extinction long ago.



Hoping to lure Emerald out into the dangerous NYC Magick World and harness her ability to bend time, Skinwalkers, a class of witches who kill and absorb the power of other witches, kidnap Emerald’s only relative Aunt Nora. What Emerald doesn’t know, is the Skinwalkers have set their sights on a powerful magical weapon that only Emerald can lead them to, and which she can only find by solving a treacherous 300-year-old scavenger hunt throughout the city – the riddle of The Timekeeper.



With every riddle she solves, Emerald’s powers grow, and so does the bulls eye on her back.With power hungry Skinwalkers hunting her, Emerald must rely on an underground network of Magicks to help her on her journey. Solving the riddle requires not only trusting her new friends, but overcoming her crippling anxiety enough to trust herself.



As the mystery of the riddle begins to unravel, Emerald learns that even more than her powers, her aunt, and her life are at stake. Armed with a book of magic, her still-broken Walkman, and her trusty lock pick set, Emerald sets out to solve the riddle before time runs out—and she, along with everyone she knows, is erased from history. This might be a little harder than Saturday detention.





First 250 words:



It figured the cops would be there when Emerald Kipp emerged from The Smiths concert. They didn’t seem to be looking for her, at least not yet. No need to have a cow. She leaned against the wall outside The Beacon Theatre, blowing pink hair out of her face—one hand deep in her pocket as she conjured a coin, then made it disappear, then conjured it again. A group of concertgoers streamed past her, and an electric shock coursed from her fingers to her toes. Eyes shot in her direction and the coin disappeared once more. They would all shit twice and die if they knew what she was. Burn her at the stake. But they didn’t know. Nobody did. Because almost everything about Emerald was a big, fat, secret.



The early morning sun cracked through the fog like a pink orb, as Emerald looked towards the opening of the theater. If DogEar didn’t hurry up, she’d miss her chance to steal the book of magic. And then she’d have to kick his ass. She had been watching the magic shop on 9th Street for three mornings in a row. Today was the day she’d go through with her plan. She needed to break in and steal that damn book. And then maybe she’d get the answers she needed, answers about her magic. DogEar sauntered out of the theater, a lopsided smile on his face. Remnants of glitter and eyeliner smudged his cheeks.



Emerald smirked as the stocky guy leaned on her. “Took you long enough.”



2 Responses to “SvS 12: Riddle of the Timekeeper – YA Urban Fantasy”

  1. Penelope Burns Says:

    It’s getting hot in here! Please send the first fifty pages to penelope.gsliterary at gmail and put “Sun vs. Snow” in the subject line. Thanks so much!

  2. Roseanne Wells Says:

    Witches who listen to The Smiths? Hott. Please send 50 pages and a synopsis.

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