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Monday Musings: Taking A Chance February 8, 2016


sunvssnow copy2



Note: This is a repeat of a post I shared after last year’s contest but all the sentiments still apply. Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!



As many of you know, for the last couple of weeks Michelle Hauck and I have been running a little contest called, Sun versus Snow.  This is the third year Michelle and I have hosted this event, and just like the years before it was a blast.


One of the things that caught me off guard was how quickly our 200 spots filled up…in THREE minutes. Neither Michelle nor I expected it. In fact, we were pretty sad to have to turn people away.


While I was shocked at how quickly the spaces filled up, it also made my heart very full. Why? Because it meant there were writers out there willing to take a chance. Take a chance to put themselves out there. Take a chance to share their work (which can be terrifying). And lastly, take a chance they may be rejected (the hardest thing of all in my opinion).


Sharing your work is daunting. There’s always that seed of doubt in the back of your mind that whispers what you’ve created isn’t good enough. That your writing, or story, isn’t strong enough. But those who entered were brave enough to push past doubt and try. And to me, that is incredibly admirable.


So the next time you think about entering that beloved manuscript in a contest, be like those that took the leap and entered. Yes, you may not get picked but the experience and friendship you may find will be well worth it. I promise!



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