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Sun vs. Snow Live Chat Details! January 28, 2016


sunvssnow copy2








Here’s how you can get a jump on the fun…



As mentioned in our mentor post we are having a chat time on Twitter tomorrow, January 29th. You can ask about your writing genre. Tips about editing. Word count rules. Ask how mentors got their agents. What to expect from submission. What it feels like to be published. Just about anything writing oriented you want to know about.



Oh, and the hosts will be there too to keep things rolling!



So join us at 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM EST at the hashtag #SvSChat. Each session will last an hour. And bring some questions!



For more on our mentors check out their bios here:



Team Sun Mentors:



Team Snow Mentors:



For contest details and rules go here:



2 Responses to “Sun vs. Snow Live Chat Details!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Help! Maybe you can? I’ve tried for days to register, but the challenge/registration question always blocks me: all it says is “Hogwarts”, no question, that is, and….welll, typing Hogwarts in the answer space obviously isn’t it. I’ve tried to contact the administrators for the site with no success. I’d be so grateful for some help on this….

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