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The Breeders 4




I’m very excited to share info on the recent release in THE BREEDERS series written by my good friend, Katie French. In book four, THE BROTHERS, Riley continues on her mission to find her missing boyfriend and brother and unite her family for good.


“They tell me it’s for the good of humanity. That I’m saving our way of life with my body. They lie.”


Book Four in the award-winning, best-selling Breeders series.


Riley has survived madmen, deranged doctors, and false prophets. Her next task is uniting her family, which has been ripped apart by Nessa Vandewater, the Breeders’ enforcer. Her boyfriend Clay and brother Ethan are still missing. Only she can find them.


But on her way, Riley is stung by a scorpion. To ease her suffering, Auntie Bell shares the story of Riley’s mother, Janine, and how she escaped the Breeders.


Nearly twenty years in the past, Janine, an obedient Breeders girl, is nearing her seventeenth birthday, and the clock is ticking. She has two months to become pregnant, or she’ll be put out, sold into slavery . . . or worse. When her doctor informs her she’s infertile, she’s devastated. But some doctors lie, and one in particular seems to want Janine for his own . . .



THE BROTHERS is available for purchase now via Amazon.


Check out all the books in THE BREEDERS series here:



Katie2Katie French is the author of The Breeders series, a bestselling YA dystopian adventure available on Amazon. She’s a wife, mother, and teacher, but not always in that order. She’s represented by Amanda Luedeke of McGregor Literary. You can find her at her website, on Facebook, or Twitter.






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  1. Katie French Says:

    Thanks for having me!

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