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Helping Out A Friend July 16, 2015

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Popping in from my break to tell you all about a project that is close to my heart. A fellow writing friend, Brenda Drake is holding an online auction for another amazing writer, Veronica Bartles. Veronica and her family are trying to move back into their family home, but due to mold issues they cannot at this time.



To help out Veronica and her family, Brenda is hosting an online auction with some stellar items like agent critiques, author critiques, signed books and more. I’ve donated a query critique (number 68) in hopes of doing my small part for this important cause.



If you’re interested in checking out the auction, here is the link:



For more on Veronica’s story go here:



Whether you’re interested in bidding or not, I wanted to share this because it makes me realize, once again, how proud I am to be part of the writing community. When one of us falls down, there always seems to be dozens of sets of arms willing to lift us back up. That’s why day in and out I’m always proud to call myself a writer!



Have an amazing day and see you all again in August!






2 Responses to “Helping Out A Friend”

  1. Thank you, Amy! I’m absolutely blown away by the amount of love and support I’m receiving! This is why I love being an author. The writing and publishing community is the best support group I’ve ever known! ❤ Love you tons and bunches of lots!!

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