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Monday Musings: Blogging BS and Other Misconceptions April 6, 2015

I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter lately from various sources about how blogging is a waste of a writer’s time. How their hours should be more focused on putting words down for their own work, rather than sharing personal experience or insight.


Okay, so I agree that if you’re not committed to blogging it may not be a good use of your time, but on all the other stuff I call TOTAL B.S. and here’s why: For me personally, blogging has been life-changing. And no, I’m NOT being dramatic. Honest.


When I started writing my first manuscript, I was like a woman in a dark forest on a moonless night, stumbling around without a flashlight completely clueless. I made all the rookie mistakes: querying too early, sending in a request formatted incorrectly, misspelling the title of an agency. Name it, I probably did it. And I’m not sorry to admit this, because I think most starting writers make most of, if not all of, these mistakes. But instead of wallowing, you know what I did? I shared my experience on this blog so that other writers could learn from my screw-ups.


What started as a blog about navigating the strange world of publishing turned into so much more for me. I found my voice as a writer and wanted to share what I learned along the way. For instance, when I first started querying I was totally shocked by how quickly the rejections came. So you know what I did? I reached out to other writers and asked them about their query experiences and their path to publication. Those writers’ willingness to share their stories turned into my Writer Odyssey Wednesday (W.O.W.) series-which is now closing in on 100 posts! Crazy, 100 writers sharing their ups and downs on the way to being published. That feels like a HUGE accomplishment. One I wouldn’t have had if I’d listened to those who said, “Don’t Blog!”


On my second manuscript I was sure things were going to be different. The requests would come flying in. And luckily they did, but after I turned in my requested materials, the “R”s came shortly after. At that point, I wondered what the heck I was doing wrong. I reached out to an agent and asked about beginnings and openings pages. That desperate need to understand the importance of how a story starts turned into my FIRST FIVE FRENZY series. That series has not only changed how I approach beginnings, but it gave me my first connection to Roseanne Wells, who would later become my agent! See my point…life-changing!


Out of my desperate need to understand this business, I started a few other series: Query 101 and Behind The Curtain. All meant to not only teach me, but hopefully other writers, some tips and tricks about this business.


Blogging should not weigh you down. If you have something to share that you feel will help others, than I say go for it! Don’t let the misconceptions keep you from posting what you want. Yes, it’s true, don’t start a blog and then only post once a year, but you can set your own parameters for how much you want to post and when. And the topics can be varied. You’re not forced to stay in one niche if you don’t want to. Don’t be afraid of the those who say it’s a waste of your time. That is for you alone to decide.


For me, blogging has been a total blessing. It’s made me a better writer, critique partner, and listener. Had I believed those naysayers I think my writing life would be in a totally different place today-a place I would not be happy with. So I say this, if you’ve got something you want to share, and you can commit, then BLOG!! It may be the best writing decision you ever make.


What do you think about blogging? Does it help you as a writer? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.




11 Responses to “Monday Musings: Blogging BS and Other Misconceptions”

  1. I feel like people who say we’re wasting time aren’t even writers.

  2. I agree with you 1000% percent, Amy. It’s helped me become a more efficient and courageous writer, and also to meet other writer-bloggers and following their blogs. Twitter has also been helpful with the latter. Between blog-visiting and Tweeting, my own blog’s readership has increased significantly in the past year alone. I’ve also found a few potential beta-readers for my novel because of blogging. So, yes, a lot of good has come out of blogging in addition to novel-writing. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this article, btw. I don’t think the points you made here can be said often enough.

  3. Gerri Says:

    I had a writing coach who encouraged me to blog–and only every other week. That works great for me and I truly enjoy the process. I am thrilled at the feedback and compliments on my writing. It’s sometimes a challenge to come up with an interesting subject, but my writer-brain gets good exercise. Yes! Blogging has been great for me.

  4. There are some weeks when I absolutely love it, and some weeks where it feels like just one more thing I have to get done. I think you need to ask yourself, is this enhancing my life or not? Even though my blog isn’t huge (yet?) I feel like the fellow writers and book nerds I’ve connected with on the internet have been a hugely positive influence on my life. Also, sometimes when I’m stuck on something, it’s nice to have a neatly indexed place I can go back to and reread my own advice!

  5. crbwriter Says:

    I love your blog and appreciate you and other writers who share their experience so much! Your generosity means a great deal to me–but I’m not inclined to follow suit. It’s not that I don’t want to connect with or help other writers. I support your work. I have no desire to fly my own plane. 🙂

  6. smnystoriak Says:

    Amy, this is a great post. Blogging has helped me as well. Finding my own writing voice through it has been an added benefit that I didn’t even see coming. Other, earlier benefits include connections with other writers, as well as the notion that I can add something of interest to people. Something interesting and helpful.

    I think it’s important for writers (or any creative artist, really) to believe in the power of sharing. Blogging let’s us do that. I love reading your posts. Keep ’em coming!

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