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The Sun is Still Shining: Critique Blog Hop is On! February 13, 2015

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Welcome to another party! Sun versus Snow is over but new contests like Pitch Madness are coming!


Many people didn’t make the entry window for Sun versus Snow. And many more didn’t get picked because we were limited to thirty-two picks. So Michelle Hauck and I wanted to offer an opportunity to get some feedback on your contest entry before the new contests begin.


All you need is a query/35 word pitch and first 250 words… AND A BLOG. Your manuscript can be unfinished because there are no agents here. This is simply to polish up your work for future contests. Anyone can enter.


All you need to do is post your entry on your blog. Take the url link from your post and add it to the linky list below. (Click on the button in the post, not in the comments.) Use the list to critique the five people above and below your listing. If you are number 6 then you would feedback numbers 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11 on the list. Please leave constructive criticism, but also say what you like about the entry. Don’t worry if it’s not your genre, just do your best to give your thoughts.


If your entry falls at the beginning or ending of the linky list, wait for the list to close and then give feedback to the other end of the list. For example if you are number 1, you would critique 2 through 6 then the last five links at the very end of the list once the hop closes. 


You are welcome to update your entry with revisions. The linky list will remain open through February 21st. After that time, you may not join. 


Please make sure to critique the five entries above and below your spot. This is a give and take process and everyone loses if writers don’t do their part.


Of course you may also get super enthused and critique more than ten. Feel free to jump around and help out as much as you can! Need more critiques? Advertise your willingness to give to get feedback on twitter under the hashtag #sunvssnow


I will try to visit some entries and leave feedback on whether I would or wouldn’t pick it for a contest.


Now here’s an example of formatting:


Genre: YA epic fantasy

Word Count: 90,000


Query or 35 word pitch:


(Include all of your query, even the bio and greetings/closings. Do try to keep it within 250-350 words. Put space between the paragraphs and single space.)


First 250 words:


(Put space between paragraphs and single space. Play it like a real contest and stick to the 250 word limit. Don’t end in the middle of a sentence.)


Now let’s see how many people we can get to play along! Let the fun begin!


Here’s the link:




7 Responses to “The Sun is Still Shining: Critique Blog Hop is On!”

  1. Jenny Chou Says:

    I got it to work from Michelle’s blog:

  2. JEN Garrett Says:

    Way fun! I love these craft honing blog hops. Mine’s a picture book, so I hesitate to participate because it would be putting the entire manuscript on my blog. However, I am going to share this opportunity with my friends and peeps who are working on longer works.

    The only problem is that I can’t figure out the Linky link. Do you have to register/login to add your link? If so, that’s something I’ll want to mention.

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