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SVS 6: Suspension of Disbelief – YA Superhero February 9, 2015

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Category/Genre: YA Superhero

Word Count: 61,000 words



My Main Character would prefer to live in:



Superheroine The Vine Vixen shares many traits with plants, her powers are at their peak as long as she’s hydrated and has plenty of sunlight. Cold weather weakens the hero and makes saving the world a bit more difficult.






Dear Agent,


In a city plagued with dastardly villains and monsters, seventeen-year-old superhero The Vine Vixen is Caperville’s only hope. No one suspects quiet, mild mannered Susan Black to be the mysterious Vine Vixen. When an arrogant new superhero, The Gray Eagle, rolls into town, he becomes an instant celebrity and a pain in her ass. His habit of swooping in at the end of battles to “save the day” and ending up on the five o’clock news to take the credit, has gone from annoying to infuriating.


After The Gray Eagle plants a surprise kiss on The Vine Vixen on live television, Susan is positive his sole purpose in the world is to humiliate her. To make matters worse, he enrolls at her school as his alter ego Grayson Clark. Thanks to his X-ray vision, he recognizes her immediately and tries to strike up a friendship. Susan is put off by his carelessness with the two personas. With each day, Grayson’s popularity grows and the line between him and The Gray Eagle blurs, putting Susan’s own secret identity at risk. Now that The Vine Vixen and Gray Eagle’s “relationship” is the talk of the town, she worries the attention he’s giving her might raise her peer’s suspicions. There’s only so much a mask can hide.


In spite of their differences, the heroes become partners in crime fighting to stop a new villain Grayson followed into Caperville. As the two bond, and their friendship develops into something more, Susan’s concerned that Grayson might not be what he seems. He’s spewing lies and half-truths, and as the secrets pile up between them, Susan wonders if her true enemy has been staring her in the face the whole time.



First 250 words:



I’d always thought my final battle would be something heroic, somewhere along the lines of sacrificing myself to save all of humanity. At the wake of my death, the city would erect a statue in my honor. My legacy would live on as The Vine Vixen, the girl who saved the world.


Getting my ass whipped by a giant lava monster in front of half the city, however, was not what I had in mind.


I managed to dodge another fireball, but my legs buckled under me from the exhaustion. As I laid flat on my back, completely immobilized, lava dripped from the monster’s side, burning through my leather jacket. Its molten body swirled a deep orange and brown as it hovered over me. My earth-based powers were depleted under the heat, my body weak from the battle. This was the end. It may not have been my original fantasy, but at least death by giant lava monster was a hell of a way to go.


“Look, up in the sky,” a spectator yelled. “It’s a bird!”


“It’s a plane!”


Aw, shit, Captain Asshole’s back.


“Vine Vixen. What a pleasant surprise, need a hand?” The Gray Eagle flashed me a smile. A herd of fangirls with posters and cameras squealed. I rolled my eyes. The Gray Eagle had only been in town for a month, and he already had a fan club.


“Go away,” I coughed. “I can handle this myself.”


“Sure you can.” His tone dripped with sarcasm. “You just need a little cooling off.”



One Response to “SVS 6: Suspension of Disbelief – YA Superhero”

  1. Roseanne Wells Says:

    Sounds interesting, put an umbrella in that drink! Please feel free to query me with 30 pages instead of the usual 20, sent to with SUN VS SNOW in the subject line. Thanks!

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