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SVS 15: Twisted – Adult Thriller February 9, 2015

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Category/Genre: Adult Thriller

Word Count: 79,000



My Main Character would prefer to live in: 



Ryan Boone is a detective for a busy city. He prefers to live in the heat because snow is no good for his work. If he had to deal with rushing through traffic jams and snowy conditions to track down his suspects he’d be much less successful.






An abused housewife, a working class woman, and an heiress; three different women from three very different worlds. Evidence to a string of murders and a jewelry heist point to the women, but Detective Ryan Boone can’t find any connection between them.


Through his investigation Ryan is led to an escort operation; an intense group of women who specialize in partying and pleasuring their clients –including men who have each been in contact with the suspects. The operation is headlined by the evasive Melanie Parker who consistently manages to stay out of Ryan’s reach. But after various interviews, Ryan discovers the connection between the operation and the three women is irrefutable and speaking with the escorts is Ryan’s best chance of apprehending his suspects.


Overnight, the escorts disappear and their trail goes cold. As Ryan discovers more about the strange case, he realizes that the evidence is skewed by a confusing mental disorder and a new anxiety drug that each suspect is prescribed. With his reputation on the line, Ryan has to find those guilty soon or risk losing his only chance at solving this case.



First 250 words:





A noisy car whizzes by, thumping a heavy bass beat. Candy blinks several times as the dots swarming her eyes slowly dissipate. Her head pounds; her throat is dry.


“Hey sweetie,” a kind voice says. “You okay?” Standing over her is a pretty blonde with a soft smile.


Why does everything hurt? Where am I? She draws a shaky breath and immediately coughs. Her lungs feel shallow, bruised. Candy drops the girl’s eye contact and glances around. The cool concrete ground pierces through her thin jeans, and the rough brick wall cuts into the back of her skull. The base of her sneakers are close enough to touch another wall in the confined space, mere feet from a busy street. How the hell did she get in an alley?


Pain tears up her side as she tries to stand. What the hell? She winces as her legs buckle, and collapses back against the wall. Her heart pounds in her chest like it’s about to break out.  Candy glances around again. There’s no immediate escape she can see.


The girl places her hand on Candy’s shoulder. Her brow line furrows when she speaks. “Hey, sit still. You look pretty beat up. I’m Jackie, what’s your name?”


Candy squeezes her eyes shut. “Candice…Candy usually.”


“I’d say it’s a pleasure to meet you but you don’t look so good.” Jackie crouches down next to Candy and touches her wrist. “That’s pretty.”


Candy glances down at the thin silver bracelet encircling her wrist dotted with several small diamonds in the band.


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