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SVS 11: Fading – YA Contemporary Romance February 9, 2015

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Category/Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Word Count: 81,000



My main character would prefer to live in:


Corey and Tessa don’t seem like the type of people who would have anything in common, but when it comes right down to it they’ve both weathered some cold storms and would rather live in the sun than the cold.





Dear Awesome Agents,


Seventeen-year-old Tessa honors her deceased daredevil brother’s memory by street racing, but after getting caught she hasn’t been allowed near the Mustang. Tessa’s built a new life without racing, and the darkness that used to surround her seems to be receding.


When his former gang leader, Vance, comes knocking on nineteen-year-old Corey’s door, saying no to him puts Corey’s family in danger. Saying yes to vandalizing the car of the cop who’d put Corey away might mean a one way ticket back to jail.


When Tessa catches Corey destroying her Mustang, she should turn him over to the police. Instead, Tessa sees a guy trying to escape his own demons and convinces her father to let Corey fix the damage he caused.


Falling for the cop’s daughter is the stupidest thing Corey could possibly do, especially when he’s still in the palm of Vance’s hand. But Tessa gives him something he never thought he’d ever have again: hope. As their relationship grows, Corey learns the danger he poses is closer to home than he thought, and letting Tessa go is the only way to keep her and everyone else safe. Tessa isn’t going to sit by the sidelines and watch Corey sacrifice himself again. So when Tessa discovers that money is what Vance wants, she comes up with a plan: free Corey from his past. Tessa has to race one more time―and risk losing herself to the darkness she’s barely avoided


Told from dual POVs, FADING is complete at 81,000 words and would appeal to fans of Katie McGarry and Simone Elkeles.



First 250 words:





I used to like the smell of oil. The way it snagged onto my clothes after a long day of work. Not anymore. Not when it filled the darkened garage while I procrastinated following Vance’s instructions.



“Come on, Fowler, you take the first shot.” Vance held out the baseball bat, anger gleaming in his eyes, his expression perfect for a snake. It made me squirm and want to punch him at the same time. It was always there, a part of him, hunting me down until I did exactly what he asked.



I took a breath, hoping the danger sign flashing in the back of my mind would shut itself off and leave me the hell alone. This was just another job. Like all the others.



“You sure about this?” My hand slipped around the base of the bat.



“Always. Besides, if you don’t do it, I’m sure I can convince the other guys.” He signaled to Drew and Jaimie standing in the shadows of the detached garage in their matching black shirts and jeans, holding flashlights. “Of course after they’re done with the car you’d be next in line,” Vance chuckled.



I cleared my face of all emotion, a blank canvas. Showing the anger and fear running its course through my veins wasn’t an option. Vance didn’t usually make his intentions clear, unless blood and death were involved.



I tightened my grip on the bat and tried to convince myself it wasn’t created to hit baseballs, but rather restored masterpiece cars.


3 Responses to “SVS 11: Fading – YA Contemporary Romance”

  1. This sounds so hot it makes me want to run through the playground sprinklers, holding hands with the cute guy of my dreams. Please send the first fifty pages to with sun vs snow in the subject line.

  2. This query has me wanting to get in a convertible and enjoy the sun! Please send the first 25 pages, synopsis and query to chquery (at) mcintoshandotis (dot) com. Please put Sun vs. Snow request in the subject line.

  3. Sara Megibow Says:

    Hot like romance! Hot like sunshine! I’d love to see more.

    Please send the first 50 pages plus the original query to

    also, please include “SUNVSSNOW” in the subject line.
    Great work! Thanks!

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