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It’s Sun versus Snow Day!! January 26, 2015

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Yes, it’s finally here!! Today at 4 pm EST the submission window for Sun versus Snow opens. Michelle and I are very excited to be bringing you this contest again, and are looking forward to hearing all the success stories that come from the contest – *fingers crossed*.


While we are waiting to open the window I wanted to share a few reminders:


1) Once the window opens please get your entry in ASAP. We are only taking the first 200 entries!


2) Before sending, please double-check to make sure your entry is formatted correctly. Formatting link is here:


3) If your entry is not selected this year, please DO NOT be discouraged. As with everything in publishing this is a very subjective process. Not only do Michelle and I have our preferences, but we also have to keep in mind what the participating agents are looking to represent.


4) Use this time to connect to other writers via #sunvssnow. When I first started entering contests I met a lot of new friends (and critique partners) during the process. Don’t be afraid to reach out and say “Hi” to someone who writes in your same category and/or genre. You may make a lifetime friend!


5) Keep writing. Work on something new. If this manuscript isn’t THE ONE, the next one may be. Continue to perfect your craft and NEVER GIVE UP!


Some other important links regarding the contest:

Submission Information (important!!!)

The Agent Post

Team Sun Mentors


Again, Michelle and I are excited to see your entries. Let the battle begin…






2 Responses to “It’s Sun versus Snow Day!!”

  1. Steve Schade Says:

    Thanks bunches for doing this.

  2. Reblogged this on Christina Dalcher and commented:
    I live for this kind of thing!

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