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TEAM SUN FREE PASS WINNER – 2015 SUN VS. SNOW January 18, 2015

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The entries for the free pass onto Team Sun were unbelievable this year. I know the question I posed was a difficult one and all of you rose to the challenge by presenting some amazing, thoughtful, and sometimes hilarious answers.


I really wish I had more than one pick because this selection process was VERY difficult for me. The ones I did love, but didn’t select, I’ll be keeping an eye out for during the submission process because they definitely piqued my interest.


So without further ado, here is the winning entry…


This wouldn’t be the first time Force has had to hump it out of the desert, and it won’t likely be her last. This one is nothing compared to the Sahara where she waited for three sweat-soaked days for the diplomatic envoy to pass by. One shot, one kill, that’s the way her creator liked it. That’s the way Force had been trained. As soon as the shot landed, she heard her creator’s voice in her head, “F4C, initiate recall 0.” Next thing she knew, she was back at the lab. She’d take the hot, miserable desert over the sterile white of that place any day. But if she stayed in the desert, she’d never get the chance to kill her creator, and then what would be the point?


Congratulations, Heidi Schlottman. Your entry not only dropped me dead center into the setting, but just a few sentences piqued my interest and had me wanting to know more about your MC, Force. Well done!


I’ll be sending you details on how to submit your materials.


Many thanks again to all the entrants and I look forward to seeing your materials on submission day (January 26)!


4 Responses to “TEAM SUN FREE PASS WINNER – 2015 SUN VS. SNOW”

  1. Congrats and well done!

  2. I would have picked that one too. Congratulations, Heidi.

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