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Query 101B



When I started this blog I had three goals:


1) Connect with other writers

2) Learn about the publishing business

3) Share what I’ve learned along the way


While I’ve always kept these goals in mind with each post, sometimes I veer off the path. I share personal stories or provide in-depth interviews, hoping they will inspire writers. One thing that came up as I began to post more frequently was the ups and downs I was experiencing during the query process.


As I limped through the trenches with my fellow writing comrades, I made many mistakes. Sending a query before it was ready. Addressing the query to the wrong agent (oops!). Spelling an agent’s name wrong (oops again!)  And even including bio info that had nothing to do with writing (an easy newbie mistake to make.) Once I got a firm handle on the process, I knew I wanted to share what I’d learned and QUERY 101 was born.


Below I’ve added the links for each and every post in the series. If you’re just starting the process or have more in-depth questions, I hope they can be answered here. If not, please leave me a note in the comments. I’m sure I, or one of my writing buds, can find an answer to your question.







After writing an amazing book, one of the most daunting tasks in publishing can be crafting a query. For beginning writers this task can seem overwhelming. Not only do you have to sum up your book in 1-2 paragraphs (which is mind-boggling), but you have to craft it in such a way to convey both the story and voice of your main character.


Before I connected with my agent, I was in the query trenches off and on for two years. I know how overwhelming (and scary) the process can be. There is a ton of information on the internet about how to craft a perfect query and people offering all kinds of advice. With this in mind, I decided to begin Query 101 to help make the process of writing, researching, and sending a query a little less daunting.


The series will have ten installments and will cover: query basics, researching the perfect agent for your project, handling that uncomfortable nudge, and much more.


I plan to post this series every other Friday (when possible). As always, I am open to helpful suggestions that will provide important information to writers who are planning to make the big jump into query trenches.


Here is a list of scheduled posts in the series:


1) Query Basics – Where Do I Begin?


2) Query Structure


3) The Body of a Query (Character, Conflict & Cost)


4) Research


5) The Personalization Quandary


6) A Thoughtful Strategy Before Hitting “Send”


7) Handling A Request/Manuscript Format


8) Nudging Etiquette


9) Handling “The Call” (Guest Post by Literary Agent Pooja Menon)


10) Dealing With Multiple Offers (Guest Post by MarcyKate Connolly)




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