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On Twitter every day I watch people setting goals for word counts and then racing toward those goals like a fiend. These writers inspire and encourage me to set my own goals. Some days it’s 500 words. Others it may be 1k. Do I fulfill those goals every day? Not always and here is the reason: sometimes the creativity just isn’t there. I can get all set up at the computer with my outline ready to go, but the words are a no show.


It’s easy to beat yourself up when this happens. Worry that perhaps your writing mojo is taking a permanent vacation. That’s all very normal. But here’s what I’ve learned over the years – any words at all is a victory. You got in a great sentence today. Rejoice! 400 words just flowed out of you. Fantastic! Being able to create something from nothing is an accomplishment. Something we should celebrate.


Do you know how many people in this world would love to be able to create a beautiful sentence? Put together a series of paragraphs that can transport someone to another world? The answer is A LOT of people and for that reason alone writers are incredibly lucky souls.


I think we forget how lucky we are to have the gift of creativity. To take a blank piece of paper and minutes, hours, days, even years later, write something so amazing it makes people laugh, cheer, or even weep. It’s truly a blessing to be able to produce something original and unique.


Maybe that creativity won’t appear today. Or it will only come in the form of 200 words. In my opinion, that is an accomplishment because those words will multiply over time and become a gift to a reader one day.


So look at those goals. Shoot for major words each day, but don’t beat yourself up if they don’t come. Remember the story is inside you, it just may take a while for it to bubble to the surface.




  1. Nice job once again, Amy! 🙂

    I actually do the opposite and try not to set word counts. Reverse psychology often kicks in when I do. *lol* I tend to do better with setting aside a specific amount of time to do the writing. Each writer is different, though. Some prefer a certain number of pages. Other, completing a scene. But whatever the writer’s goal is, one can easily apply everything you still said above. Each goal – no matter how great or small – is worth celebrating, and every story we feel compelled to write is worth the blood, sweat, tears, and pulled hairs we put into it.

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