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Monday Musings: Spring Contest Wrap-Up! April 21, 2014

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I love everything about spring! The new blooms, amazing weather, and the promise of a soon-to-be summer filled with lazy days by the pool.  One other thing I love about spring is the flurry of writing contests on the horizon! If you’ve got a finished, polished manuscript, it’s time to consider entering your work in some of these stellar opportunities:



1) Got  YA Contemporary?


Here’s a chance to pitch your YA Contemporary story to publisher, Spencer Hill Contemporary, an imprint of Spencer Hill Press.



2) PitchSlap with Mina Vaughn & Brenda Drake


Taking it’s name from a session at the upcoming RT Convention, this contest allows you to pitch your Young Adult, New Adult or Adult Romance (or story with romantic elements) via Twitter. Winners will have their pitch used as an example during the RT session, as well as receive query critiques from literary agents Jessica Sinsheimer and Pete Knapp. Agents and editors will also be trolling the #RTSlap feed during the day and could make requests!



3) The Writer’s Voice


A well-known contest where writers form teams and coach entrants on their queries and first pages. Judges include Brenda Drake, Monica Bustamante Wagner, Kimberly P. Chase and Elizabeth Briggs.



4) Query Kombat


The ultimate query battle! This contest is back for a second year with face-offs scheduled to begin on May 22. Check out Michelle Hauck’s blog over next several weeks for more details!


Did I miss an amazing contest that you know of? If so, please let me know in the comments!


One last word of note: If you plan on entering ANY contest please make sure to read ALL the submission rules and guidelines.




2 Responses to “Monday Musings: Spring Contest Wrap-Up!”

  1. Thanks for the post! Very useful. I plan on entering most of these. 🙂

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