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If Only



Every once in a while you read a book that seeps into your bones and stays with you a while. A line of dialogue remains in your head long past the final page, and remembering a character’s funny quirk makes you smile. IF ONLY by AJ Pine has all these wonderful elements.


Set in Scotland, this New Adult Contemporary takes you on Jordan’s  journey as she navigates a year abroad in Aberdeen. For Jordan, the year means a chance to reinvent herself and hopefully find a relationship that will pull her out of her self-imposed “nun” status.


It doesn’t take long for things to change as she meets All-American boy (and perhaps player) Griffin on the train from London. But as soon as Jordan thinks she’s met the right guy to turn her love life around, she encounters Noah, whose penchant for literature, and unexpected kisses, spins Jordan’s head.


AJ Pine intricately weaves the plot, and subsequent complications, together beautifully. Scotland is the perfect backdrop for the story, and the writer creates a vivid picture of the country’s surrounding beauty.  The secondary characters are well-sketched, and I found myself yearning for more details about each of them. The pacing fits the tone of the story, and I found myself moving through the pages of this book, eagerly awaiting the ending – which is both well thought-out and satisfying.


If you’re looking for a New Adult read with stunning writing, and characters who stay with you long beyond the last word, I highly recommend AJ Pine’s, IF ONLY.


RATING: Absolutely WORTH the chase


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