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Monday Musings: Pushing Past “No” March 17, 2014

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I get a lot of questions about how I came up with the idea for both the W.O.W. and First Five Frenzy series. There was not a “lightbulb” moment for either one. Honestly, the ideas came from my own need for information.


With the W.O.W., I wanted to hear what writers had to go through before they got “the call.” Did they query 10 agents or 100? Was there a time they ever wanted to give up? These were the answers I sought from my heroes and wanted to share.


The First Five Frenzy was the same thing. I was struggling with my first chapter, and I needed agent advice on what they wanted to see in those first pages. Simple as that.


These were both series I was very eager to publish on my blog. The only problem? Getting people  to sign on.


What would I say in an email to authors I admired? Please help a lowly blogger and answer a few questions. LOL! Those first interview requests were pretty much EXACTLY that. And want to know a secret? The first couple of authors I asked, said “no.” One even sent their agent after me to tell me I was unprofessional and needed to go through their publicist if I wanted a prewritten reply to interview requests. Uggh! (Mind you this well-known author had not been published yet!) Was I upset? A little. Did I give up? Hell no! I had an idea, and I knew if I could get authors to share their journeys it would inspire so many people to keep writing.


The requests to agents was a whole different ball game. I sent out five emails to agents I admired. Guess what happened?




Undaunted, I sent out another 10 requests. And hurray, one very kind agent said, “yes.” A few days later, a few more agreed. The series was finally coming together.


What these two series taught me is to NEVER give up. I was disappointed at the beginning (as I thought everyone wanted to be interviewed -haha!) But I learned that if I really wanted it-I had to work for it.


The same applies to writing. For a few it may come easy, but for the overwhelming majority of us it is difficult work. Each day is an uphill battle to eke out a word count and put together a series of sentences that don’t suck. And the rejection? It comes in all forms: from beta readers and CPs, to contests, and subbing to small journals or big time agents. It’s a part of the process you must accept as a writer.


What you do not have to accept, is that the response of one person is the final word on your writing. You’ve got to push past that “no” until you hear a “yes.” You have to read in your category & genre and expand your boundaries. Share your work and understand that critiques are a necessary part of the process. And most of all, you have to KEEP WRITING. If you do, your craft will continue to improve.


It’s true, “no” is hard to hear over and over, but if you keep at it, there will be a “yes” in your future. You just need to believe in your writing and continue to work every day.


How do you push past the “no” in your life? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!


8 Responses to “Monday Musings: Pushing Past “No””

  1. Petra Says:

    Thank you for this. It’s a good reminder to keep on keeping on!

  2. Seriously. I feel like anyone not ready for “no” is not ready to be out there.

  3. jennienzor Says:

    Thank you for such an encouraging post! I needed to hear this today. 🙂

  4. Thick skin required to be a writer. Not doubt about that. Pushing through the no’s requires perspective. It’s one person’s opinion. However, it might be a very experienced and learned opinion. So, be like Wilbur…humble. Step back and breathe to recover from the initial hurt and disappointment. Then open up your mind to what they have to say. And honestly look at your ms to see if it would be wise to encorporate their suggestions. Also remember that it is above all else your story and yours alone to tell. That might help you still feel a bit special amidst all the angst of multiple rejections. Those rejections put you in the ranks with writers like Stephen King and J. K. Rowling. Finally, persevere. The two R’s in that word are there for Revision and more Revision!

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