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Monday Musings: Authors – I Got Your Back February 24, 2014

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It takes a lot of effort to be cruel.  To rev-up that anger inside and then spew it out all over the internet. Boy, I’m exhausted reading it all, aren’t you?


If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, I’ll only allude to the fact that in the last several weeks two writers have taken to the internet to say some pretty unkind things to their fellow authors. I’m not giving links or mentioning names. As a former PR manager, I know these people think any publicity is good publicity, and I’m not going to be a cog in that wheel.


Here’s my point:  STOP with the madness. Let’s support our fellow authors. Their success does not in any way take away anyone else’s glory. In my opinion, we should be creating a positive community where we all join together and buoy each other’s successes. Shout each other’s amazing sales and awards from the rooftops. By doing this, we create a community where authors feel welcome and supported.


It’s hard to be a creative type. We spend lots of time alone – outlining, plotting, writing, revising. On top of that, it’s takes a massive amount of courage to then share that art with the world. Why as a fellow author would you add to that anxiety by being unkind? I simply don’t get it.


I’m just one small author, and I’m not sure I can make a difference, but today I’m taking a stand to support my fellow writers. I hope you will join me in a year-long effort to stay positive. All my tweets, blog comments, interviews, and guest posts will have an encouraging bent. I will take every chance I have to lift up those who are down from rejection and promote those who have a cover reveal, book birthday or hopefully, hit the NYT Bestsellers list.


It’s almost cliché now to remind people what a small community publishing is – but it’s true. There are always going to be those who want to belittle someone else’s work, but I hope those people stay in the minority. If we as authors make an effort to drown out the negativity with our praise, I believe the writing community will become an even stronger place.


To start my year-long effort, I want to share the link for the cover reveal for Heidi Schulz’s forthcoming middle grade book, Hook’s Revenge. Just looking at it makes my heart happy!


17 Responses to “Monday Musings: Authors – I Got Your Back”

  1. Lisa T Says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! You said exactly what I’ve been thinking for so long. Constructive criticism behind closed doors-wonderful. Public evisceration-not fine.

  2. Heidi Schulz Says:

    This is lovely. Thank you for spreading positivity (both in general, and in my specific case!). I appreciate it!

  3. Agreed. Let’s celebrate people and successes. 🙂

  4. Lori Snyder Says:

    This is beautiful! Thank you so much for jumping in on the side of kindness. Imagine if more of us choose this path every day, whether about our fellow authors or just about our fellow humans? We could truly change the world!

  5. So I *think* I figured out at least one of the posts you’re referring to, and yeah, I don’t agree with all that.

    There will always be haters out there, though it is sad when they are friends, or family, or….sigh….other writers. This is my policy: if they say anything of value, pay attention, use it. Even haters sometimes have constructive points. But shrug off any negative energy that isn’t productive.

    • Hi Caitlin:

      I understand the need for honesty in reviews (and when doing critiques), but I’m seeing too much of this vitriol. I wish people would stop spewing their negativity just because they are jealous, frustrated or plain don’t understand the idea that there’s room for all of us in the publishing world.

  6. I am all for being positive and I love that the writing community (both in person and online) has been an overwhelmingly positive and encouraging community. I hope that in my own small way I add to that. 🙂

    I have no idea what you are referring to in terms of the other two authors (and am curious…) but I do think it’s important to point out that all writers need criticism, which may seem negative, to get better. I also don’t think that, just because I appreciate the effort and strength it takes to put a book, or any art form, into the world, that means I need to like it or, if I don’t, I can’t share my thoughts.

    I think it really is all about intent. Are you providing criticism to help another writer? Are you sharing your thoughts about a book to help other readers decide if that book is worth a read (realizing, of course, a book you hated could be right up another reader’s alley)? I think in those cases, it’s fine to be honest, which can, in some cases, appear to be negative. Be gracious, be thoughtful, and be compassionate, but within that, it’s okay, I think, to say on Goodreads, etc. that you really didn’t like a book.

  7. I am right there with you. I’m a big advocator of being kind and supportive of fellow writers. Great post!

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