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SVS AGENT ROUND Entry 15: The Sapphire Legacy – Adult Historical Romance February 1, 2014

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Category/Genre: Adult Historical Romance


Word count: 70,000



My main character is most uncomfortable with: 



Although Mae Blackthorne is adept at withstanding the brisk winds of the moors, snow makes her favorite afternoon rides quite formidable.






Mae Blackthorne has been taught how to ride dressage, embroider pillows and dance the waltz. So when her brother’s death puts the family’s shipbuilding business in her hands, it isn’t long before the business is in bankruptcy and Mae is penniless. Forced to take a post as governess, Mae thinks she’s doomed to a life of poverty. That is, until she meets Ethan Locke, a pirate who offers her an enticing opportunity to recover her wealth.


Unbeknownst to Mae, her family had been using their shipbuilding business to shroud generations of successful piracy. Back when they were partners, Locke claims that her father stole from him an object of great value: a sapphire that can give its owner eternal life. As her father’s last surviving heir, Mae is Locke’s only hope of finding it along with her family’s hidden fortune.


Agreeing to work together and split the fortune amongst themselves, there’s no denying the spark of attraction between them. But they’re not alone in their search. The true owners of the sapphire, who operate an elite secret society, are far more powerful than Mae and Locke could’ve ever imagined. And as the dangerous men close in, Mae fears she has much more to lose than just a second chance at luxury. She could lose any chance she has for love, or life.


Summarized as Jane Eyre meets The Count of Monte Cristo, THE SAPPHIRE LEGACY is an adventure-filled romance with the added excitement of pirates and a secret society.


First 250 words:

Lightning crashed down on the moor, this time nearby. When her horse reared skyward, Mae strained to stay upright.


“Stand firm!”  she gasped. Her horse jerked back before righting himself. “Easy,” she soothed.


With the threat of rain imminent, their only cover was the Northern Woods closing in ahead. But not even her horse, Thomas, dared to enter. Gaining on the web of lifeless trees, he snorted and pulled back.


Mae trembled. What had been a pleasant afternoon ride had taken a sinister turn. Now, she had two options: either cut through the woods and make it home in time for supper or risk pneumonia.


Mae gathered some bravery. To hell with the servants’ ghost stories. Pulling the reins with as much force as she could muster, she twisted Thomas toward the trees. Snorting again, he continued to resist. Only after a second pulse of thunder did he ease forward.


Past the threshold of trees, the darkness deepened. Cold moisture clung to her skin. And amidst the rocks and fallen branches, Thomas struggled to maintain his footing.


Mae mouthed a silent prayer. She assumed she was alone in the forest, probably for miles, but in the distance, an orange light flickered.


A man’s voice broke through the still air. “Who trespasses here?”


Mae’s throat tightened before she could respond. The orange haze grew brighter in the mist, approaching rapidly until it stung her eyes.


She recoiled.


“Whoever you are, you encroach upon private property,” he shouted, his young, masculine voice stern with anger.


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