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SVS AGENT ROUND Entry 1: Welcome H.O.E.M. – YA Fantasy February 1, 2014

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Category/Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Word count: 50,000



My main character is most uncomfortable with: 


My main character is most uncomfortable with snow. Mason is a baseball player and is constantly active because of his ADHD. He lives for the first little bit of warm weather so he can practice outside on the diamond.




Fifteen-year-old Mason Clark’s school records are riddled with mischief and expulsions. But Mason is also a prodigy, one of a handful of people able to experience memories of the long-dead, through their eyes. In order to teach him a lesson and keep him in school, the principal gets Mason a volunteer position at the Hall of Extraordinary Memories. H.O.E.M., as Mason soon discovers, is a government facility that archives some of the most important memories in history, from Lincoln to Presley, Hitler to Picasso.


Mason travels history’s most extraordinary memories and, as usual, breaks all the rules. Courtesy of his severe ADHD, he quickly discovers that he is different even than other travelers; he can travel alongside someone else within the same memory. H.O.E.M. asks Mason to team up with Sadie, his new partner in crime, to experiment with his new skills on a dangerous undertaking. They are charged with the job of traveling and cataloguing The Collection of the Unknown. He watches the violent making of gangster, Al Capone, while saving Sadie from memory complications and a permanent vegetative state. He even gets in touch with his feminine side, accidentally tapping into Cleopatra.


Now, The President of the United States has a mission for Mason and his team. If he can’t find a way to keep Sadie and himself alive, live up to his title of prodigy, and learn from his own complicated past, he may end up becoming what he fears most: a complete failure.

First 250 words:

Chapter 1: A Date in Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood



I stood in the bathroom, staring at the empty stalls, rubbing my hands together with an evil mwahaha. The cherry bombs were scorching their way through my pockets. Consequences schmonsequences. Quickly, I lit the four extended fuses, to give me more time to get out of the bathroom, and plunked them into each toilet starting with the furthest from the door. Pro status. As I was leaving, I slapped an “Out of Order” sign on the outside of the door and hustled my way around the corner, back to class.


My trip to the bathroom had been a masterful success. I hated Algebra tests and why not give everyone a ten minute break outside? I calmly slid back into my seat with my test taunting me on the desk. Not for long. Edwin and I exchanged knowing glances just seconds before the resounding BANG. Mrs. Larson even hit the deck when she heard the noise. I stifled my laughter and filed out into the hallway with my classmates.


The obnoxious reeee-er, reeee-er, reeee-er of the fire alarm created slight hysteria among teachers and students hurriedly exiting the building. Especially after they saw the residual smoke and toilet water streaming from around the boy’s bathroom door.


As we filed out of the building and crossed the sidewalk into the field behind the school, Mr. Rodgers caught my eye. He beckoned me over to him with his pointer finger and a squinty face. He didn’t need to question anyone to know who had done it.



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