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Michelle Hauck, better know as the Queen of Crazy Cool Contests, has asked me to partner up with her for a fun new competition called Sun vs. Snow. This query + first page contest promises to brighten up even the worst winter doldrums!


All the credit for this idea goes to Michelle because she lives in Indiana among the sparkling snow, and I live in Arizona basking in the sunshine. Like Heat Miser and Snow Miser, we need to determine which winter weather is the best!  Personally, I’m biased. I can drive two hours north for snow, but there’s nothing better than a 75 degree day in January! Go #TEAMSUN!


We were going to hold off another week before announcing, but we’ve had such positive agent response that we are going to share initial information now.


But enough of my blabbering, I know what you want is details…



Submissions will start on Saturday, January 18th at noon Eastern time and last until 8:00 pm Eastern time on Sunday, January 19th. Entries will include title, genre, word count, full query and first 250 words. There will also be a special question to be answered about Sun or Snow. (More details in the submission post to come in January.)


We will accept Adult, NA, YA, and Middle Grade genres.


Complete and Polished manuscripts only. Do not enter a NaNoWriMo project that is not ready for agents. You manuscript must be ready to send now.


Follow us on twitter and use the hashtag #sunvssnow. To enter the contest you must be followers of our blogs.


Michelle and I will make 15 picks each to post. A mentor round will start bright and early on January 23th and run for five days until the 27th. Mentors and entrants will provide feedback right on the blogs in the comments. So make sure your skin is thick! (Mentor bios post to come.)


We mean for this round to be a benefit to all the participants, helpful feedback is the name of the game. Entrants must critique at least five other entries.


Then the thirty entries will be given two days to make changes and resubmit by 8:00 pm Eastern on January 29th. Entries that don’t make it on time will forfeit their spot.


Michelle and I will hustle like crazy to format the entries and have them up for the agent round on February 1st. Which is why we must be strict about late entries.


Now to the much awaited topic–agents! So far we have FIFTEEN scheduled. (You guessed it. More information to come in the upcoming agent bio post.) But this number could increase!


There you have it. Most of the information you’ll need to get started. If you have questions, use the comments or tweet to us under #sunvssnow. Mark your calendars. Polish your queries, and we’ll see you after the holidays.


Oh, and one more thing. Look for free pass opportunities coming soon.



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  2. Wonderful opportunity. Thank you so very much!

  3. Sounds very cool! Excited for January.

  4. Great contest! I’ve entered.

  5. livibuglady Says:

    So excited! Thank you for this! Off to work I go.

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