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CHASING A GOOD READ – OLIVIA TWISTED by Vivi Barnes November 8, 2013

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Every once in a while you come across a book that is really smart.  A book that not only pulls you in with an intriguing storyline and characters, but cleverly retells an old classic. The book I’m talking about is OLIVIA TWISTED BY Vivi Barnes.


Told from the viewpoint of Olivia, our modern-day Oliver Twist, this story takes the idea of “stealing from the rich” to an all new level. Rather than pickpocketing in the streets, thievery has now gone high-tech where hackers hide behind computer screens to do their dirty work.


Vivi Barnes has done a masterful job of recreating classic characters into modern ones. Olivia is thoughtful, smart and clearly has a mind of her own. Z, also known as the artful dodger, hides his pain of loneliness behind a deceiving mask of nonchalance until Olivia enters his life and starts to chip it all away.


I’m not a spoiler-type of girl, but I will say that this was a fast-paced read that kept me engaged for every single page until the heart-pounding end.


If you’re looking for a new kind of Young Adult Thriller, I highly recommend you pick up OLIVIA TWISTED today!


RATING: Definitely worth the chase




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