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Every Chance is an Opportunity September 6, 2013

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When my birthday rolls around each year I know I have two choices: hide under the covers and hope it passes quickly, or face the day with a positive attitude and cake (lots of cake – or maybe cupcakes – either will do!) Oh, and watch Jimmy Fallon too – because well, he’s just, well DA BOMB (yes, I really just said that!)


So with my birthday rearing its ugly head tomorrow, I’ve decided to take the positive high road, and look back at everything good that has happened this year, because my birthday last year – it kind of sucked (read about it here).


Things I’m grateful for this year:


1) Finishing my Young Adult Historical manuscript that I’m very excited about!


2) Having two short stories published in anthologies.


3) Meeting amazing new critique partners and Twitter friends who make me think positive and believe in my writing on days when I don’t have it in me.


4) Winning a contest!  Adventures in YA and Children’s Publishing‘s May Pitch + 250.



As I look back on this list, it makes me realize they all have one thing in common: opportunity.  I didn’t realize it then, but every new day was an opportunity to do something with my work.  Whether it was taking a chance on writing in a new genre that terrified me, or submitting a short story for an anthology, I placed my fear in a little dark corner far back in the cave of self-doubt and put my work out there. Now I will admit  things didn’t always work out the way I wanted, and it was terrifying, but if I hadn’t taken those chances my life would be so much the worse for it.


So honestly the only thing missing this year was connecting with an agent. But if I continue to take chances, and look into every opportunity, then I can say this: maybe before the next birthday…maybe 🙂


One last thing…


Reading RoomI recently found out my YA mystery, FIGHTING CHANCE, was shortlisted for the WriteOnCon/Reading Room Aspiring Writers Competition. I would love to have you check out my entry here, and if you like it, please vote for me! Last day to vote is Sunday, September 8 (midnight/eastern).



Have a great weekend and now I must go eat cake, lots and lots of cake!


And here’s another Jimmy Fallon GIF just because I ❤ him…






6 Responses to “Every Chance is an Opportunity”

  1. lauralanni Says:

    Enjoy your cake. What a perfect day to have a birthday!

  2. yakinamac Says:

    What a brilliant year. I love what you said about putting your fear behind you to make the best of opportunities – words to live by.

  3. michelle4laughs Says:

    Hey fellow-September-Birthday girl! Have a good one! Mine’s over a week away yet.

  4. Those are all great accomplishments and things to be very grateful for. And yay for other people whose birthdays are in early September. 🙂 Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  5. Love him and his happy dances!

  6. Wow! Your accomplishments are amazing. Happy birthday!

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