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WIPMarathon Check-In #1 August 11, 2013

Ups and downs this week with writing.  I’m happy with where this story seems to be going, and sticking to a loose outline which is good for me considering I’m really a panster by nature.


Current word count:


30,000 which is 10k away from my goal of 40k for August.



WIP issues this week:


Got off to a good start Monday and Tuesday, and then the rest of the week fell apart.  I’m hoping to refocus this upcoming week and get at least 2k a day.  A little self-doubt crept in right around 27k because of some other editing issues I’m having with another manuscript.  But after getting a pep talk from a writer friend, I got my head back in the game and wrote another 3k.



What I learned this week in writing:


Writing historical fiction means you need to be very thorough in your research.  A few of the topics I had to look into this week: 1920s men’s underwear, horsepower in early biplanes, and what products were advertised in pharmacies in the early twentieth century.  Did you know Rice Krispies and Wheaties have been around for 85 years?



What distracted me this week while writing:


General life.  You always think you can carve out time to write, but other things always seem to get in the way.  I’ve gotten good at juggling my time, and even if I’ve had to write at midnight, I’ve seemed to get in the words I need each day.



Last 200 words:


We stay in a tense gaze. “Please just open up so I can make sure the place is inhabitable. I’m tired and really don’t have patience for your nonsense.”


He grinds his jaw for a moment before opening the door.  The wood floors are clean, and the floral curtains along the windows are cobweb-free. A kitchenette with a sink and hotplate are tucked into one corner. Across the room there’s a small brick hearth. A moth-eaten loveseat and weathered rocking chair fill out the space.


“Bed and water closet are in the back.” James points to a small room with a wrought iron bed.


“Elsa has dinner on the table at 6. There’s time to wash up if you want to join us.”


I shake my head and place the suitcase by the hearth. “What time do we start in the morning?”


The quicker we get this started the sooner I can get home. Home? Is that what Lincoln is? The girls? The apartment? Maybe even Henry? No. I can’t expect him to wait on me. I’d be surprised if he was still there when I got back.  With the planes grounded, and no income coming in, I’m sure he’ll leave.  Perhaps go back to North Platte to live with his sister.  Marry some nice girl he meets in church and settle down.  The thought makes me want to break things.  But Henry deserves more. More than me.


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18 Responses to “WIPMarathon Check-In #1”

  1. january11555 Says:

    Loved your update! I too have historical events that take place in my book…in fact the whole story takes place in 1976. I learned that Thanksgiving wasn’t a national holiday until 1923. And the drinking age in 1976 was 18 (okay I sorta knew that already, having been in my 20’s in 1976). It’s fun researching history to write a book. Fact-checking is sorta fun, too. My MC talks about the scent of fresh-cut hay…but I had to check and make sure hay could be harvested in June. Anyway, sorry for the rambling, best of luck on your writing goal!!! I love following your blog!

    • Hey there!

      Thanks for your comments. The research aspect of all this is new and exciting to me (I usually write contemporary), and it’s fun to learn about another time and then figure out how to work those details into my writing. For me, it’s always about growing and learning, and this ms is definitely doing that for me!

  2. Wow, looks like you’re well on track to meeting your goal! Good luck. 🙂

  3. catyorkc Says:

    Sounds like you’re keeping steady, despite the distractions. Juggling research and writing time always makes word count come slower. 1920s men’s underwear! Awesome!

  4. That’s seems a tight goal, but I’m sure you’ll make it!

  5. Hi, Amy! Congrats on being 30K into your WIP. 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about having to do extensive research when writing historical fiction- I’m currently writing a YA historical fantasy set in 1913, so not too far from your MS in the 1920’s 😉 Bet we’re looking up a lot of the same things!

    Your excerpt is really intriguing too, especially that last paragraph. Hope to read more of this in the future!

  6. Laurie Says:

    Wow, great voice coming through in your excerpt! I’ve never been brave enough to try historical fiction, but it fascinates me! 1920s men’s underwear you say? Awesome thing to research hehe. 😀

  7. Jayd Says:

    You’re doing great! I like your excerpt, historical fiction sometimes seems dry to me, but your extract reads really well!

  8. Totally get the self-doubt about prior MSs, going through that myself. Men’s underwear from the 1920’s alone makes me want to know what you’ve been writing haha. But I love the line that “The thought makes me want to break things,” because who hasn’t been there? Good luck!

  9. krystal jane Says:

    Congratulations on your progress!
    I didn’t know Rice Crispies were so old. Lol!
    Good luck with everything next week!

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