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WRITEONCON Starts August 13! August 9, 2013





Only a quick post today to make you aware of a great upcoming writing event for children’s book writers (Picture Book to New Adult).


Every year the great people over at WriteOnCon hold a two-day conference.  The event hosts agents and authors discussing a variety of topics that help you improve your writing, your query and even your marketing!  The best thing about this conference is you can attend from the comfort of your own home!


Yes, it’s true! Everything for this amazing event is done online! So you can stay in your jammies all day, drink coffee (or any other beverage of your choice), and learn from many masters in the publishing community.


The other amazing thing about this event? The forums. There are threads available to post everything from your query, to your first 250, and even your first 5 pages – which you know I think is very important!


After some cajoling by a few friends, I decided to post my query for FIGHTING CHANCE here. Since first adding it to the thread, I have gotten some amazing feedback about where I can tighten my prose and make things a bit punchier! The comments have been invaluable to me. The forums also provide opportunities to connect with critique partners, as well as learn about a contest where can submit your first 500 words in hopes of winning a $1,000 prize via the Reading Room.


Oh, and did I mention the Ninja Agents? Yes, agents will be stalking the forums during the conference offering feedback as well as making REQUESTS! I already know of two people who have been visited by Ninja Agent Stripes and received invaluable comments.


So if you write children’s books, and are interested in learning more about publishing, or want to get feedback on your work, I highly suggest you check out WriteOnCon today (register link is here).


Have a safe and happy weekend!


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