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WIPMarathon Intro August 1, 2013

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I need a little kick in the pants with my latest Young Adult manuscript, so I decided to join the lovely, Ifeoma Dennis, and several other amazing writers in an August WIPMarathon.  I figured if I have to share my writing goals in black and white on a daily basis, it will shame me into getting the work done.


As part of this great marathon, I’ve been encouraged to share a few things…



Marathon Goal:


Honestly, I’d love it to be 40k, but realistically I’m going with 20k. I’m already 21k into this story, and it’s just getting good, so I’m hoping this goal will really drive me forward.



Stage of writing:


Aaack!! I already answered this one, but I will add that this is a very ROOOOOUGH draft. I’m churning and burning as fast as I can without any editing as I go along – which I WILL admit is killing the copy editor in me!



What inspired this project:


A trip to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry – and that’s all I’m going to say. Keeping this one pretty tight to the chest!



What might slow down this marathon:


Life? Work? Family? And about a 1,000 other obligations – but I AM going to get my butt in the chair every day and write!



Good luck to all my fellow marathoners and let the merriment and mayhem begin! 🙂


24 Responses to “WIPMarathon Intro”

  1. hehe, here’s to shaming ourselves into getting stuff done! Good luck meeting your goal!

  2. Ha! It is SO hard to just keep going on a rough draft, even when you KNOW it’s rough, isn’t it? I have the same problem sometimes. Best of luck to you with getting in those 20k words! I’m sure they’ll be fantastic — well, after a little editing, at least. Because who doesn’t need to edit? 🙂

  3. Ah, the inner editor. I want to lock mine up in a closet sometimes. Tough, isn’t it??? Good luck!

  4. Best of luck with writing and it’s great you’re putting out all that effort. I’m just wondering though, have the winners for the 1K Follower Blowout Celebration And Giveaway been selected yet?

    • Hi Sheena:

      I’ve sent you two emails, but I’m wondering if I have a wrong address. You won the 5 page crit from Bethany Crandall. Please email me to confirm you received this message.

  5. I am going to sit mine in the chair too and write!

    Good luck, Amy!

  6. deshipley Says:

    Such marathons are good for pushing ahead with a sluggish WIP. I dedicated my July writing time to finally finishing a project that had been crawling along for a year. It feels so good to just *get it done*! Best wishes to you in the month to come!

  7. Hi! Nice to meet you 🙂

    I needed a swift kick, too. We will do this! Write on!

  8. krystal jane Says:

    Good Luck! I hope you exceed your goals! I’m going to see if I can join. I just started something and I tend to drag my feet so bad in the beginning.

  9. tpolen Says:

    Good luck – I read somewhere that part of getting it done is just keeping your a** in the chair! I tell myself that every day.

  10. You can totally reach 40k in your WIP. Good luck to you!

  11. Good luck! 🙂 I find it hard to write without going back and fixing mistakes, but I can’t afford to do that if I want to meet my goals this month!

    Here’s my Intro Post

  12. Laurie Says:

    I’m also going for 20k! I want to get words, but I also was to be careful about what I’m writing. I was getting too bogged down in unusable stuff when I was going for quantity first and foremost! Good luck!!!

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