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1K Follower Blowout Celebration and Giveaway! July 15, 2013








Yes, today I feel I need to boogey just like good ol’ Vector because my blog just hit 1,000 followers! I’m super excited and feel like celebrating with everyone by doing a HUGE giveaway!


So here’s what’s up – I’ve got five, count them FIVE, critiques to giveaway from some amazing authors featured on my blog.  Each of them will take a look at the first FIVE pages of a manuscript (see a pattern here???) and then give the author big picture comments.


These are the authors kind enough to donate their brilliant feedback:




MarcyKate Connolly is an author who lives in New England with her husband and pugs and writes weird little books. She’s also a coffee addict, voracious reader, and recurring commuter. She blogs about all those things and more at, and can often be found on Twitter. Her work is represented by Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary & Media, and her debut upper middle grade fantasy novel, MONSTROUS, will be published by HarperCollins Children’s Books in Winter 2015.




Bethany Crandall and her husband Terry live in San Diego with their two daughters and a chocolate Labrador who has no consideration for personal space. She writes Young Adult novels because the feelings that come with life’s ‘first’ times are too good not to relive again and again. Bethany eats too much guacamole, thrives on tear-inducing laughter, and is still waiting for Jake Ryan to show up at her door. For more information on Bethany check out her website, or follow her on Twitter – @rookieriter.



Liz Fichera is an author living in the American Southwest by way of Chicago. Her YA debut HOOKED released in January 2013 from HarlequinTEEN. Its companion, PLAYED, releases in 2014. You can learn more by visiting or follow her on Twitter @LizFichera.



michelle_h_(3)Michelle Hauck lives in the bustling metropolis of northern Indiana with her hubby and two teenagers. Besides working with special needs children by day, she writes all sorts of fantasy, giving her imagination free range. A book worm, she passes up the darker vices in favor of chocolate and looks for any excuse to reward herself. Bio finished? Time for a sweet snack. Her epic fantasy, KINDAR’S CURE, is to be published by Divertir Publishing in 2013. Find her at her blog: It’s in the Details or on twitter.



???????????????????????????????Sara Raasch has known she was destined for bookish things since the age of five, when her friends had a lemonade stand and she tagged along to sell her hand-drawn picture books too. Not much has changed since then — her friends still cock concerned eyebrows when she attempts to draw things and her enthusiasm for the written word still drives her to extreme measures. Her debut YA fantasy, SNOW LIKE ASHES, is coming out Fall 2014 from Balzer + Bray. It does not feature her hand-drawn pictures. For more info on Sara, check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.



In addition, I am giving away a copy of these books that have either been reviewed or in some way discussed on this blog.  The titles include:



UNDER THE NEVER SKY By Veronica Rossi (Chasing A Good Read – May 2012)
Never Sky









TEN By Gretchen McNeil (W.O.W. series interview – October, 2012)





ten HC c hirez










ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD By Kendare Blake (W.O.W. series interview –  August, 2012)





2012-07-22 10.57.54









SHADOW AND BONE By Leigh Bardugo (Chasing A Good Read – October, 2012)













THE FAULT IN OUR STARS By John Green (Chasing A Good Read – January, 2013)













THE SCORPIO RACES  By Maggie Stiefvater (It’s All About The First Chapter – June, 2013)













CLOCKWORK PRINCESS By Cassandra Clare (Chasing A Good Read – April, 2013)














THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER By Megan Shepherd (W.O.W. series interview – January, 2013)
















How do you enter this fabulous giveaway? Simply reply in the comments with your name and best way to contact you (email or Twitter handle) between today and Friday, July 19 at 5pm/eastern (US residents ONLY please). Please note in your comments  if you are NOT a writer and I will only enter you into the drawing for the books. All drawings will be random and I will notify the winners within 72 hours of the end of the giveaway.


Thank you and it goes without saying how much I love writing this blog and how grateful I am for everyone who stops by to read my thoughts on writing, reading and the crazy world of publishing!




Good luck and what’s a celebration without a dancing Yoda gif?  Woot! Woot!


40 Responses to “1K Follower Blowout Celebration and Giveaway!”

  1. Hi! Congrats on hitting 1,000 followers. (Also, I love the Vector boogie) My name is Margaret, and my email is mubowman(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks a lot!

  2. Calyn Morgan and my twitter handle is @CalynBoBalyn. I’m a writer and would love some feedback but would also love any of those books, they’re all on my TBR list! Good luck everyone!

  3. Yay! Exciting giveaway! Congrats on the 1k. 🙂 @MeredithRaeJ on Twitter.

  4. Cee Says:

    Congrats on reaching 1K followers! *throws confetti and balloons* That is really exciting!

    Best way to contact me is @thenovelhermit on Twitter.

    Thank you for the giveaway! (Also, not a writer.)

  5. Kirsten Joan Says:

    Love the blog….love the dancing. Whoo Hooot

  6. I’m a faithful follower and fellow writer. I enjoy reading the blog and learn tons from it.
    I’m at ln40russell at hot mail dot com. =-)

  7. Congrats! I love your blog–it’s so helpful. I’m a writer and my email is jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  8. Congratulations! Here’s to a thousand more. 🙂
    email: kindrawrites(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Sorry if I have responded multiple times, by the way. I had commented on the post yesterday, but I don’t see it listed now….

  10. feltenk Says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’ll def mention this on my weekly blog review. I’m a writer and my email is:
    Thanks so much! 😉

  11. meganrotto Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!

    Megan Otto

  12. Congrats and I’d like to only enter this giveaway to win a critique as I’m a writer. Email:

  13. Congratulations! And keep up the incredible work.

    I’m a writer, and I’d like to enter in the 5-page manuscript reading giveaway. My email is

    Can writers also enter into the book giveaway? Or is that reserved for non-writers only?

  14. Cool! Is there a way to enter or will you be randomly selecting from your followers?

  15. BookSquirt Says:

    That’s so awesome! Congratulations! 🙂

    Brett (@booksquirt)

  16. Dahlia Adler Says:

    Huge congrats, Amy!! So incredibly well deserved! @missdahlelama

  17. Congratulations! And I love this giveaway. Thanks so much. I’m a writer @HCRaglin.

  18. Thanks for doing this contest, it’s an amazing idea! I’m Amanda Kyzer and my email is

  19. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Congrats on reaching 1,000 followers!

    I’m a writer and I’d love to enter in the 5-page manuscript giveaway.

  20. tpolen Says:

    Congrats on the 1K followers! Sounds like a great contest – Teri

  21. Marlene Moss Says:

    Thank you to Michelle for directing me to this blog – looks like an awesome place. She’s amazing. Congrats on getting 1000 followers, Amy! I would love to enter this contest for both a critique and any of those amazing books.
    My email is writing(at)marlenemoss(dot)com.

  22. Yay 1,000 followers! So dang cool! Thanks for the opportunity! Best wishes.

    saturnbull [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. jennymoyer Says:

    Congratulations!! I absolutely LOVE your blog and it’s totally helped me as a writer!! : ) So much encouragement for those of us still slogging it out in the query trenches…I’d love a critique (or a book) please sign me up for the giveaway! : ) My email is Thank you!!

  24. GREAT choice if books and congrats on the milestone! That’s absolutely fabulous and deserves a happy dance. 🙂

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