Chasing my crazy dream in the writing world…

Has it been a year already? January 28, 2013




I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  It was a year ago today I began “Chasing the Crazies” and let me tell you, when I posted that first entry my hands were shaking.


Why?  Well, because I had no clue what I was doing.  It was literally like I was stumbling around in the dark with my eyes blindfolded and a ski mask pulled over my head for added confusion.  What started as an attempt to get my thoughts together on how much I loved writing, and how terrified I was of the writing business, turned into a blog that has brought me more joy than I can explain.


So what have I learned in a year’s time?


1) With one click you can reach the world


When I look at my views and see visitors from Argentina and Poland I am floored by the internet’s ability to help us reach so many people.



2) Writers are simply amazing people


The writing community is wonderful.  When I dove head first into my first series, Writer Odyssey Wednesday, published authors embraced me and generously shared the intimate details of their path to publication. I’ve made incredible connections through this series and hope it’s brought a sense of inspiration to every aspiring writer who has discovered my blog.



3) Agents don’t bite


Honestly, agents intimidate me.  They are THE gatekeepers to publishing, and without them it’s almost impossible to get your book into the hands of readers. Yet since reaching out to agents for my “First Five Frenzy” series, I’ve learned how down-to-earth, kind and gracious most of them are. Many have gone out of their way to answer my questions and taken time out of their busy schedules to help promote their posts – which blows me away.



4) Twitter rocks!


Being able to tie my posts into my followers has been incredibly helpful and I’ve met so many kind people along the way.



So it’s a new year for “Chasing The Crazies” and I’ve got some cool ideas in store for new posts.  Writer Odyssey Wednesday will continue to focus on authors and their path to publication.  I’ve also got several agents in the queue for “First Five Frenzy.” I hope their advice on those first five  pages will continue to help aspiring writers.


And what else?


For me the next few months are going to be nerve-wracking as I dive back into the query trenches with my YA Thriller, FIGHTING CHANCE.  I certainly hope third time is the charm.  I plan to post my progress and let you know about the crazy roller coaster that is about to become my life.  I hope you will stick around for the ride.


And to all of you who follow my blog, a big “THANK YOU” for believing in me and wanting to read my ramblings.  I appreciate each and every one of you! 🙂


8 Responses to “Has it been a year already?”

  1. jennymoyer Says:

    It’s hard to believe all that you accomplished with this blog in such a short time! It is fabulous and I’m so happy I discovered it. So many great series that really inspire us writers! 🙂 Keep up the great work and I wish you tremendous luck on your own publishing journey!!

  2. deshipley Says:

    Happy anniversary!

  3. lnrussell Says:

    I’ve only recently found your blog, but the start of this post explains how I feel in a freakishly ‘have you been reading my mind’ kind of way. Keep it up, I enjoy watching you chase the crazies!

  4. Dahlia Says:

    Crazy to think you’ve ONLY been doing this for a year! I love your blog series, and am so impressed at how much you’ve accomplished in that time! Looking forward to more!

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