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Just One Word…Just One Smile December 17, 2012

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I  try to stay away from talking about current events, politics, religion etc… It’s just not in my being to personally discuss those things, especially in a public forum like a blog.  But the tragedy on Friday in Newtown, CT hit me hard on so many levels that I can’t go  forward without saying what’s on my mind. I promise I’ll make it short.


We can’t turn back the hands of time – as much as we wish we could.  What’s done is done and those precious lives are gone from the Earth now. What we can do is take the next couple of days before Christmas to reflect on what’s precious and remember we have impact on other lives.


So over the next week I plan to do this:  When I’m out Christmas shopping, at the local coffee shop, or in the grocery store, I’m going to offer a smile to the person next to me.  If I’m waiting in a long line, I’m going to give the service person a much-needed “thanks for your hard work” when I pay.


We forget sometimes to connect to each other on a personal level.  We become so caught up in our own bubble of a world that we miss what we each need – kind, human interaction.


My mission over the several next days is to smile, laugh and offer a kind word to every person I come in contact with.  It won’t change the world, or end this kind of violence.  But maybe, just maybe, I might touch one person, who will turn around and pass along a kind word, or a bright smile to someone who really needs it.  For me, that will have to be enough.


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