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Just Submit It and 100th Post Celebration! November 26, 2012

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Before I get to the glory that is the 100th post celebration, I want to share with you a lesson it took me a long and hard time to learn.



When I first started writing it was purely something I did for myself.  I wasn’t sure if anything I put on the page was ever going to see the light of day.  But as my first manuscript came together, I thought maybe it was worth submitting.  When I finished, I took the time to revise and gave it a hard look for content, voice, pacing etc. All the things I read about and knew I had to have in order to be published.



Then something terrible happened – fear set in.  What was I doing?  I was fooling myself if I thought my work was ever going to be published.  I let that little devil called doubt take over and I shelved that novel.



Flash forward a year later.  I was still writing but now I was also taking a class with a professor who insisted we share our work.  I was terrified when it was my turn to be critiqued. In fact, I almost had to leave the room several times I was so nauseous.  I made it through, and while the class was kind, they were also firm about what needed  to change in my writing.  Their parting comments to me?  After you revise, send it out on submission.



On submission?  Were they crazy? This was just a little short story I wrote as part of an assignment.  It was never meant for public viewing.  But their words stuck with me for months after.  The story gnawed at me and eventually I went back and retooled it. Then one day, I got a burst of courage and sent it to a dozen on-line literary publications.  One-by-one the rejections came in.  Yes, I was heartbroken but I felt like I’d jumped over a big hurdle just by beating back self-doubt and trying.



Now a year later, I’m happy to say (after many tries) I have a short published as part of an anthology (THE FALL) and another is going to be published next month.  My point?  You never know what is going to happen with your work unless you send it out into the world.  Yes, there are going to be MANY rejections, but if you persevere, I guarantee, you will eventually get a yes!



It’s true, this is my 100th POST! I can’t believe it!

When I first started this blog in January I had NO CLUE what I was doing (ummm…I still really don’t!) But the effort has been worth the journey. I’ve connected with so many cool bloggers, and other writers, and learned a lot not only about myself but about publishing in general. It’s been a blast and I look forward to 100 more.



So here’s the cool stuff. As part of the celebration I am giving away a TON of books to one lucky winner!



To enter, leave a comment and tell me what you enjoy most about writing and/or reading.



Here are more details…



1)  Follow or already be a follower to enter


2) Extra +1 entry if you tweet about it using hashtag #chasingthecrazies


3) Leave a comment


4) Make sure you leave contact info – so I can notify you if you win


5) Only available to followers in the United States


6) Contest ends 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, November 30






1) CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare





2) LIES THAT BIND by Lisa and Laure Roecker





3) THIS IS NOT A TEST by Courtney Summers





4) RAPTURE by Lauren Kate





5) TEN by Gretchen McNeil




8 Responses to “Just Submit It and 100th Post Celebration!”

  1. deshipley Says:

    Wheeeee for 100 posts! *clap, clap, clap*
    My favorite thing about reading and writing? The characters, for sure! A fantastic plot or narration style is all very well, but if you want me to love the book, you’ve got to make me love the people.
    Sure hope I can get my hands on that copy of “Ten”. (:
    (I trust you know where to find me — over at

  2. those books look super fun!


  3. Tina C. Says:

    This is a fabulous give away! I’d love to get my hands on Ten or City of Bones…


  4. Congrats on your 100th blog post AND for becoming an officially published author with your short stories!! That’s awesome! It’s so true that you need to take a risk and submit your work, no matter how scary it is, because you won’t know how good your work is until you let it go out into the world.

    As for the giveaway, SQUEE! Count me in. I haven’t read those books yet. *crossing fingers now*


    Off to tweet you… 😉

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