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Blog Hop Thanks #2 November 12, 2012

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For Day 2, I want to give a shout out to all my critique partners.  While I know they have their own writing to do, they’re always there to answer a question or toss around an idea.  Without them, my prose would be decent but not fantastic.  Without them, my characters would be okay, instead of amazing.  Without them…well without them my work would be total @#$%.


When I started my first manuscript, I had no clue I needed others to help my writing along.  That others would see plot holes, when I didn’t.  That characters I was trying to paint as snarky, were really just plain unlikable. You fall in love with your own writing so much sometimes, that you really can’t see where you need help.


So today, I am thankful for all my CPs who keep my writing honest and real.  They’re not just my partners in writing but true friends!



Do you have amazing critique partners?  If so, leave a comment and let me know.  I always love to hear about the give-and-take between great writers.


12 Responses to “Blog Hop Thanks #2”

  1. reneedeangelo Says:

    Just joined the blog hop today and I enjoyed your post. I plan on including my critique partner in my list as well. It is so helpful to have an objective eye read your work and give you constructive feedback. Writing buddies are the best!

  2. Ellie Heller Says:

    I so totally love this post! I am doing a thank you to my crit partners past and present too. Having really good ones ROCKS.

  3. Like the ugly habit of using “are” instead of “our” in my comment. Doh! It’s late. ;(

  4. We should have a national CP day! Seriously. How could we ever grow and learn without our CPs pointing out all are ugly habits? The best CPs will call you on your crazies. CP Love!

  5. deshipley Says:

    I feel that my writing has made great strides, in the last couple years, thanks in no small part to the feedback from my writing buddy. It’s great to have someone who cares about my characters almost as much as I do, and wants to help me do them justice in their stories. And hearing her thoughts on what could use improvement in my older work have helped me know better the sorts of things I need to watch out for when starting in on new projects, so I can write them better the first time around. There’s no knowing how long it would have taken me to reach this point on my own. I only hope I can be as much help to her, or to anyone. There’s nothing like knowing that you’re behind the production of a great book. (:

    • Hi de,

      I know exactly what you’re saying. My CP just recently self-published her book. When I saw it up on Amazon, I felt like a proud mother. So great to be able to work with another soul who gets your writing and wants to help you improve!

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