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Mother Nature Has a Wicked Sense of Humor October 29, 2012

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Originally this is how this post began…


Today is a day of celebration!!! It is not only the release of the amazing short story anthology, “The Fall,”  it is also a day to rejoice because I have a story included in the collection.


But now because of “Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy” or whatever you choose to call this monster of a storm hitting the eastern seaboard, “The Fall” is currently in the hold position.


Can anyone see the irony in this?  A collection of fourteen short stories about the end of the world being held off by an “apocalyptic-type” storm.  Personally, I just think Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor (which I think bodes well for the success of this anthology *fingers crossed*).


While we pray our writer friends stay safe and continue to have power as long as possible, I still want to share my interview with Matt Sinclair, founder/publisher/editor of Elephant’s Bookshelf Press (EBP).  He is the genius behind both Spring Fevers, the first anthology from EBP, as well as the forthcoming, “The Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse“.


Matt has done an amazing job of putting this anthology together – reading and editing submissions, as well as selecting the final cover design.  In honor of the second anthology, I wanted to interview Matt and discover the story behind Elephant’s Bookshelf Press and why he chose to take on such a monumental project.



Amy: In your life you wear many hats: professional editor, writer and now publisher. What inspired you to start Elephant’s Bookshelf Press?


Matt: It was something I’d been thinking of for a while, actually. When Cat Woods and I started discussing an anthology, I decided that was the spark I needed to start a company.



Amy: When you began Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, what was the one main goal you wanted to achieve?


Matt: To help writers build an audience.



Amy: Earlier this year the first anthology from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, SPRING FEVERS, was released. What were some of the highs and lows associated with that project?


Matt: Mostly highs, and what was best was the very positive response. I had friends who told me they never would read something like it and now can’t wait for The Fall. Lows? Well, I’d like to reach wider, but I recognize that short story anthologies don’t sell well at any time.



Amy: What did you learn from that process that you have now incorporated into the second anthology, THE FALL?


Matt: The importance of a good team to help you. Without it, you’re doomed from the start.



Amy: How do you handle the submissions process? Do you read and select pieces on your own, or do you have a committee that also gives you feedback?


Matt: I have a committee of reviewers. We don’t all have to agree, but it’s better if we do.



Amy: Can you tell me a little bit about the process associated with designing the covers for both anthologies? Did the covers go through many revisions, or was it pretty clear early on which designs were going to work?


Matt: The images are the toughest part for me. We went through hundreds of images to find what worked. It’s a very difficult process– more difficult than I expected.



Amy: What are your long-term plans for Elephant’s Bookshelf Press?


Matt: I hope to publish novels and nonfiction, eventually. Perhaps a novel in 2013. I believe novels will eventually be our primary focus.



Amy: Because I have a curious mind, my last question has to be about your chosen name, Elephant’s Bookshelf Press. Does it have a special meaning?


Matt: Well, I’ve always loved elephants, ever since I was a kid. And I had created the Elephant’s Bookshelf as my blog years ago. Adding the word “Press” made sense. And filing for an LLC made sense to me, too.



Matt Sinclair, a New York City-based journalist and fiction writer, is also  president and chief elephant officer of Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, which  earlier this year published a short story anthology called Spring Fevers and will publish The Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse as soon as the apocalyptic storm assaulting the East Coast of the U.S. allows.


4 Responses to “Mother Nature Has a Wicked Sense of Humor”

  1. Great interview, very interesting. I love end-of-the-world stories and anthologies are always fun for when I don’t have a lot of time to read. 🙂

  2. Jean Oram Says:

    Isn’t it crazy? I mean, really? A huge hurricane postponing the release of our short stories about the end of the world. Either we’re more powerful than we know or someone is trying to stop us!! ;p

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