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Monday Mutterings October 22, 2012

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This post  is usually Monday Musings  – but today I’m in a “muttering” sort of mood…


1) Sadly, I have become a Twitter addict.  In the last few weeks, I’ve enjoyed reading agent posts and query tips etc…That was all good and well until I read the following tweet which gave me serious pause….  Anyone else want to go back to the boards now and erase every single mention you’ve ever made of your WIP?


2) Ever had a gut check kind of writing day where everything you’ve written sounds like cr*p and then your CP confirms it for you?


3) I’m a serious comma offender – I either use too many or not enough.  Could we just outlaw comma usage all together?  It would make my life so much easier – (Yeah, but I know, reading much harder) *sigh*


And on a MUCH lighter note – I want to make all writers aware of an amazing opportunity to get critical feedback on their query.


Mindy McGinnis, who has been featured on this blog several times here and here…has a great feature on her own blog called, “The Saturday Slash.” In “The Slash,” she offers up critical feedback on what is working and what needs further attention in your query.  I’ve actually been a willing victim of Mindy’s “slash,” and came out of the process virtually unscathed with many new ideas on how to improve my work.


If you’re looking for feedback on your query, I highly recommend you get in the queue for Mindy’s “Saturday Slash.”


One last thing – check back this Friday for an enlightening installment of the F3 (First Five Frenzy ) –  as a “super agent” shares her insights on what she wants to see in a writer’s first submitted pages!


2 Responses to “Monday Mutterings”

  1. E.b. Black Says:

    1.) I’m not worried about it honestly. I never provide enough details for people to actually be able to steal my work and I usually don’t tweet about my WIPs because I assume people will find it boring.

    But I’m addicted lately to twitter, too.

    2.) Yea and it tells me I’m better at distancing myself emotionally from my work. I used to have no idea and no ability to understand how other people would view my work.

    It sucks though when it doesn’t turn out how you want it to.

    3.) I hate punctuation and capitalization. I’m very bad at it. My editor gave me my manuscript back with a lot of punctuation and capitalization marked.

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