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A Writer’s Education Via The Web September 21, 2012




When you sit down to write a book no one ever tells you that trying to get it published goes way beyond writing “The End” on the final page. Oh no, that is just the first step in a very looong journey. A journey that may, or may not, end with an agent, and seeing your book in all its technicolor glory on the shelves one day.


I was very naive when I started the writing process. I thought I knew how to maneuver through the publishing trenches, reach out to an agent, and get my book published in record time.


Yeah, right. Hello Newbie.


I was seriously deluded, thinking I could pull this off without educating myself on how this business works. And there’s no doubt about it. Publishing is first and foremost a business – a fact us creative types tend to ignore.


So if you’re new to writing and/or publishing how do you educate yourself?


I personally have found the web to be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to teaching a novice writer how to succeed in the land of the written word.


Here are some great blog posts I’ve come across that have been amazingly helpful in teaching me about the industry:


Questions about word count?  Think that YA novel you’ve written is stellar at 150K? You might want to think again.  Check out super agent, Jennifer Laughran’s blog post on word counts. I find myself referring to it constantly.


Think you’ve got an amazing query that you’re just itching to send to agents?


Hold off before hitting the “SEND” button and check out this post from Words From The Woods titled, “Optimizing The Query Process With Fewer Mistakes.” It will make you rethink your querying approach.


What happens after you sign on the dotted line and sell your book?  YA author, Mindy McGinnis, takes us behind the curtain in a post on Book Pregnant called,  “Why Does It Take So Long To Publish A Book, Anyway?”


Once the book is on the shelves how do you promote it? Well if you’re with a large house, they’ll have you work with a publicist, but they can only do so much.  What should you do as an author to promote that baby you’ve toiled over for so long?  The answer may be in Stephen L. Duncan’s “Mind the Gap” post on From The Write Angle.


All of these important posts have taught me that I’ve still got a lot to learn about the publishing business.


What about you? Have you come across a helpful article on the web that has taught you something about writing or publishing you didn’t know?  If you have, please tell me about it.  I’d love to read it and share with others!


2 Responses to “A Writer’s Education Via The Web”

  1. Thanks for the query link…will definitely have to check that out. I, too, was a bit naive when I started to follow this dream. And I have learned so much thanks to all the great articles and posts on the web. My problem is weeding through all the information and weighing the vastly different opinioins on the best route to publication. Traditional publishing v. Self publishing…the mind boggles! Good luck in your journey-it helps to know we are not alone. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. I agree there is a ton of stuff to sift through on the net. Most of what I’ve come across has been recommended by fellow writers. It’s helps to have their recommendations on what’s worth looking at!

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