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Monday Morning Musings: The Kindness of Strangers August 27, 2012

Being relatively new to the blogging world, I didn’t know what to expect when I first started publishing my thoughts.  I knew I wanted to focus on writing, and the journey to publishing, but hadn’t planned much beyond those ideas.


I tried to build my readership – and failed miserably. Finally, I got smart, and reached out to well-known bloggers. I asked for their keys to success.  Many recommended starting a regular feature that readers could expect to see each week.  And with that idea, my W.O.W. series was born.


To be honest, I was terrified to reach out to authors and ask them for interviews.  I was sure I would get no reply at all, or a simple, “sorry, don’t have the time.”


I was wrong.


Many authors were prompt in their reply saying, “yes, what do you need?”  I was overwhelmed by their kindness, generosity and their willingness to help me build my readership by blogging and tweeting about the interview.


Now of course, some people were not so kind. Some did say, “no, not interested.” A few even sicced their agents on me.  The majority though have been amazing and my heartfelt thanks go out to all of them. Both the authors who have already been featured, and those who are still in the queue.


So with my positive experience dealing with authors, I have decided to wade into the world of agents with a new feature beginning this Friday.  It will not be your ordinary interview, but realistic advice on writing from those in the slush-pile trenches.


And yes, in this instance as well, I’ve received some curt replies. But the majority have opened their arms and asked, “how can I help?” In fact, recently an agent asked if I wanted to interview her via phone.  That was very unexpected, but incredibly generous, as I know an agent’s time is precious.


So on this beautiful Monday, I want to recognize the kindness of strangers in the publishing community.  I hope all those who are pondering starting a blog, or in the very beginning of their blogging journey, will be embraced as richly as I have!


What about you?  Are you new to blogging?  Have you had similar positive experiences?  I’d love to hear about them!


4 Responses to “Monday Morning Musings: The Kindness of Strangers”

  1. What a great idea. And most writers are usually really nice, I am surprised by the ones who would sicc their agents on you, how mean!Looking forward to the agent interviews, good luck and for someone new to blogging you are doing a great job!

  2. E.b. Black Says:

    It’s funny because I’m an author who hopes to get a book out soon (hopefully within the next month or two) who is terrified to ask anyone to interview me or review my book. I know I’m going to have to when the time comes, but it’s a bit overwhelming. You’re actually doing a lot of authors a favor by asking them. I was interviewed once and I was actually relieved to be asked.

    Siccing agents on you? How sad!

    • Thanks, E.b.!

      Everyone has been so kind and now I look forward to sending out the requests. It’s good to hear that authors like being approached.

      If I am ever blessed enough to be in that position, I hope bloggers will feel comfortable enough to approach me.

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