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My Slightly Past Mid-Year Resolution August 14, 2012




I often wonder if many writers have gotten off track like I have recently.  It’s difficult to write at home when you have kids screaming for breakfast, lunch, snack, etc… and then you’re in the car at least eight hours a day playing chauffeur.  It doesn’t help either that it’s 115 degrees outside and only getting hotter.


I’ve tried this summer to eek out small windows of time to write, but to be honest it just isn’t working.  Why?


Here are the reasons:


1) I can’t stick with one idea – I’ve got two manuscripts going right now and I have no focus


2) I spend too much time reading other people’s blogs about their publishing success – and pining for the day mine will come (yes, pathetic I know – but still true… and don’t laugh, I know there are lots of you out their just like me!)


3) My usually positive, “you-can-do-it” attitude has been on sabbatical a looong time.  I’ve gotten into a writing funk where I second guess every idea. How did this happen and better yet, how do I make it go away?


So instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve decided it’s time for a “Slightly Past Mid-Year Resolution.”


My aspirations:


– Carve out a definitive block of time to write.  I am not going to stop and second guess myself.  I’m just going to let the words come and edit another day.


– Choose which MS has the most potential and stick with it.  No double-backing or worrying about whether or not it’s right for the market. Just full steam ahead.


– Stop envying what other writers have accomplished.  Be proud of my own work and continue to have faith that in time it WILL happen for me too.


What about you?  Are you in a writing funk? Have you ever been in a deep, dark, directionless writing pit and clawed your way out?  If so, I’d love to hear how you shook yourself out of it.


Let’s hope this works.  If it doesn’t I may just be writing another post in a few months titled, “Just Before New Year’s, New Year’s Resolution.” I hope not.


6 Responses to “My Slightly Past Mid-Year Resolution”

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  2. Just stay positive and write because you enjoy it. Don’t second guess and don’t worry about another writer’s success. You’re you. Pick whichever of your manuscripts you enjoy most and have at it.
    Good luck! 🙂

  3. caesariakim Says:

    When I start to write about a new idea, I’m like “Yeah, this is awesome, I like, love it.” Next week: It’s all the way over there. Okay, I’ll just look at blogs for ten minutes. Okay, for an hour. Just one more hour.

    But then I actually started to get serious. Since it’s summer, and I have a lot of time (well more time then usual anyways) I decided to actually write. I never have a ‘block of time’ because I usually find ways to avoid it. But I found out that once I start writing, it’s not so bad! I actually like it, and get into the flow of it, which I guess is good.

    I wish a pen could read my mind and just write the story by itself. It’d save me a lot of trouble, and plus, it’d save my hand a lot of pain!

  4. deshipley Says:

    “Stop envying what other writers have accomplished. Be proud of my own work and continue to have faith that in time it WILL happen for me too.” — This is a resolution I have to renew pretty much everyday. (Sometimes a few times a day.) Some times are easier than others; discouragement seems to have an irregular ebb and flow. But determination is a huge part of the game. I know I’m good at what I love, and that there’s an audience out there for me. So I’ll keep writing, keep trying, keep praying… and someday, some author in my current position will be struggling not to envy Future Me. (Which is not what I wish for them, poor things, but we obviously know how it goes.)

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